Master Org’s Whiteout

Last night’s dream gave me some nostalgia. It made me wish that I went deeper into the franchise that it centers around. My brother always wanted to watch more of it, and I always showed such little interest.

After that dream, I wish I could go back in time and tell my child self to watch more Power Rangers. There are so many different series and the only one I had seen the most of was Time Force I think. I saw one episode of Wild Force and that’s it, but I still know the episode like the back of my hand.

I’ve got to give some praise to series like these. The action doesn’t look so CGI; but I wonder now, how are the effects done when a villain grows to a huge size and then the rangers create a giant robot to fight it? (what are they called…..oh yeah, Megazords). The villains to me look like they’re all costumes rather than made through wet suits and all computer animated.

See how my small amount of knowledge I have of what I did watch comes back to me after a dream like this? It’s incredible that I still remember these things. Anyway, onto the dream. There’s only one character I remember from the Power Rangers that was in this dream.

Master Org himself, nostalgia, nostalgia everywhere….

I remember it started in a dark chamber where I was in a cell with no bed or toilet. I lay curled up which was the position I could have sworn I fell asleep in. I heard two voices speaking and looked up to see what was outside the cell. There were so many eerie statues with glowing eyes, and when the voices grew louder, I realized they belonged to Jindrax and Toxica. They sounded like they were discussing the fate of the prisoner; which had to be about me. I never saw them appear before me though.

Then there was a third voice and somehow I knew that it belonged to Master Org. I overheard him ask where the prisoner was, and then it fell silent. I sat in the back left corner of my cell in fear and then heard heavy footsteps. Master Org soon appeared in front of me on the other side of the bars. “Approach me human,” he demanded, and I slowly got up stumbling as I walked weakly towards the bars to look at him.
“Do you know why you’re here?” He asked,
I said, “No, I don’t remember anything,”

Well, yeah because I was going to sleep back in reality, so you must have ordered one of your minions to wreak havoc in the neighborhood so no one would notice your Duke and Duchess abduct me in my sleep!
“You are the Dragon Master. Imagine what I could accomplish with your power combined with an Org’s? It’s beautiful when you think of it, don’t you agree?”

Yep, another dream where I’m my fantasy identity. The villains always want to seize my power by either destroying me or getting me to join them.

I ended up shaking my head in response and then he said, “Well, you don’t have a choice on the matter. Agree to help me take over the Earth and I will release you. You can become an honorary Org and no one will harm you ever again. You shall be feared by all who oppose you, and perhaps once this world is mine, you can help me rule it.”

I remained silent, there was no way he’d let me have a fair share of ruling the world. He was clearly cold-hearted and would probably backstab me once what he wanted was mere millimeters away from him. I am the type of hero in a series who isn’t as easily fooled.

He grunted with impatience, “You have until dawn tomorrow to decide! Do not waste such time!” and then he stormed off with his huge scepter.

When he was gone I waited a while until everything was quiet, and eventually the glowing eyes of the statues had burnt out. I pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and picked the lock on my cell. I slipped into the darkness and looked for the way out.

The place was like a maze, there was no light to show me the way. I walked with my arms in front of me to look out for any obstacles. It was like being blind and I stepped carefully until I hit something. I got on my knees to touch it and realized it was a staircase.

I began to climb slowly and heard the muttering voice of Jindrax. I longed to pick up the pace fearing he might have heard me escape, but I kept quiet, and kept climbing. Then I crossed the bridge, went up the ladder and opened the trapdoor to find myself in the middle of a park at night. To me, it looked like Central Park in New York. I started to run as fast as my legs could move. By the time I had made it out of the park, the environment looked like my own neighborhood. It was like the park that I grew up living nearby had expanded to the size of Central Park.

Suddenly, the voice of Master Org thundered in the sky. “So be it, you have chosen death!” I jumped looking around, and when I looked at my rear towards where I had just been. There was a white light that shone in the park and started to expand, devouring the colour of everything around it.

I spun around and took flight and by the time I was airborne, I could see dragon wings from my shadow that the moon gave off. I flew faster as the whiteout followed, and by now I thought that Master Org was insane, or on the brink of transformation.

Why does every Org have a horn on their head? Maybe they want to be unicorns.

I think I have come to the conlusion that my Dragon Master transformation and its form is inspired by a combination of things: the Power Rangers for its chant and gestures that trigger the transformation, Wonder Woman for the outfit being very similar, and a few anime series for the whole scene of the transformation. But it’s funny because I never watched a lot of Power Rangers, I didn’t pay attention to Wonder Woman until the movie was released this year (hint hint!), and well the anime stuff yeah that influence is reasonable since I used to watch a lot in the past.

 Plus, flying away from the whiteout reminds me of a music video that traumatized me at first watch: 4 Minutes by Madonna. I love the song, but the music video scared me with that black geometric wall devouring everything and you could see the insides of people! 
Back to the dream, is THIS Master Org’s wrath for defying him? I was expecting something, I don’t know, a little more brutal perhaps? Maybe I need to watch the series in full.

I flew as fast as I could but as I soared over two buildings, the whiteout caught up to me and I screamed. Everything faded to white around me, and then when I opened my eyes, I must have woken up briefly. Then when I went back to sleep, I was flying alongside of two biplanes towards Niagara Falls. I waved at one of the pilots and flew behind the falls into a cave that was clearly tight, and the walls were soft to touch. The dark tunnels looked scrunched but easy to lift up like it was being underneath a huge blanket. All I remember from there is lifting up one of the parts to venture deeper. Maybe I was searching for something to defeat Master Org.

When I woke up again, I barely got back to sleep. Probably because just seeing Master Org in this dream was nostalgic as hell, even though it was my brain just bringing the memory of the one and only episode I’ve seen: In that episode, you only see close-ups of his face and his full body like, twice. The mysterious type in a flesh.

I know he would be a potential threat if I kept fantasizing and my fantasy identity suddenly crossed paths with him.


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