Symphony in a Hurricane

Another concert has come and gone and they happen so fast. But I’m happy to tell you that this one was worth waiting for.

Megadeth and the Scorpions rocked the hell out of that night and nothing like going there dressed up like a thrasher.

We got there so early, the gates to the venue hadn’t opened yet. I was starving and as soon as they let us in, I bolted for Pizza Pizza. I would have got in line for the merchandise stand but it was crazy. Then again, I don’t need anything at these concerts other than a fun night out. Going to concerts feels so much more relieving when I’m busy with life as everyone needs a break.

I got a lot of compliments for the vest, and was even happier when I saw people wearing band shirts of some of the bands I had patches of.
Coincidentally, every time I go to this venue, I’m always moving closer to the stage per gig. This time, we were on the floor and we stood against the railing by the platform that thrust out, so that counts as front row to me.
5 years of waiting to see Megadeth and I never thought I’d be this close

I got really excited for Megadeth and I don’t even recall screaming my heart out when they hit the stage; maybe because Dave wasn’t directly in front of me right away! Yes I did scream out a few times that I love him. I may not agree with a lot of the things that he says, but I still love him. Even if they were just an opening act, they were great and now I can check another band off of my concert bucket list.

They played all three of my favorites from Rust in Peace (today is the album’s anniversary as I write this): Holy Wars, Hangar 18, and Tornado of Souls. Plus classics like Peace Sells, Sweating Bullets, Symphony of Destruction, A Toute Le Monde, and Dystopia. 
I was headbanging and singing as best as I could and my eyes were glued to either Dave or David in front of me at the time. I felt like their set went by so quickly and at the end, Dave walked out to give something to a little girl right in front of him who was in front with her family. He’s a sweetheart, most people just don’t know it. Also it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it was going to be. I originally wanted to stick to the side of the floor in case a mosh pit started but it never did, probably because most of the audience were older than us and are like me: they want to focus on watching the band!

Seeing Megadeth live at last makes me regret deleting my old fanfiction of them years ago. My character was supposed to be a daughter of Tommy Thayer, she falls in love with Dave, and there’s one chapter in the second book where she attends Megadeth’s concert but Dave has to cover up his love for her due to the military not wanting them together. The reason for that was because after Vic Rattlehead caused severe damage, they refused to support the band’s record deal or something. After I wrote the intimate chapter, I got hit with severe writer’s block and couldn’t go on. But then again, that was also when I worked on multiple fanfics at once and there was no way I could commit unless I did one at a time! Lesson learned.

Afterwards we hung at the back of floor area for a bit listening to the music playing on the stage, but by the time Scorpions hit the stage, it began to get too tight.
So many people were shuffling in and out of the floor area, and sometimes at these concerts, the goers only come for just one band and then leave. It’s not like we were being squashed like hell, but when I kept trying to watch the band in hopes of broadening my horizons, I couldn’t with everyone moving constantly.
That was when we decided to get out of the floor and see if there was any band merch left. I was disappointed when there were no Megadeth shirts left; either sold out or not in my size.
Don’t get me wrong, we were listening to the Scorpions as we walked around and got some ice cream and chatted with fellow Metalheads wandering too. I don’t know any of their songs other than Rock You Like a Hurricane though. But, I see no harm in looking up their set list from the show and listening to the songs later. It’s hard to take in one that you like at first listen, especially when it’s live.

The concert ended an hour early than most of the ones I’ve been to and we hopped on the train to go home, which was crowded as hell due to people coming from the Jays game and Leafs pre-season game. Why do concerts and sporting events always collide?

Well no matter…. it was still a fun night and up next is Katy Perry in November. That should be it for now. Next time, I hope I get to see Megadeth headlining!


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