Game of Thrones Season 7 – The Best and Worst

The following article contains spoilers, please read at your own discretion!

Well, I made it through another Game of Thrones season, and I felt like it was too short you know? But since we’re nearing the epic conclusion and there aren’t many characters left alive, then it’s no wonder.

I remember season 6 had so many great moments, I was unable to pick anything that was considered bad. But not this year: there has been a mix of times where I was either yay or nay while sitting on the couch with a snack and my family.

So, it wasn’t easy to choose, as usual, but I love to do this, so I try to pick. The best and worst moments of every GOT season are different for everyone, it all depends on who you got the back of, so this is what mine are.

Shall we begin? Let’s start with the best moments, and lucky for me, the good outweighs the bad:

1. Arya exterminates the remains of House Frey

Right from the beginning of the season, we know that shit is going to go down. Many of us were surprised to see Walder Frey feasting with his many sons because, after all, he was killed by Arya Stark in the last season finale. My suspicion was right when it was actually Arya wearing Walder’s face to poison all of Frey sons, except for the wife and serving girls. She never left the Twins at the end of the last season, so what else would she do between seasons? The answer is put on Walder’s face!
How many of you suspected it was Arya, not just because of the fact we saw Walder die last year, but also the way “he” talked after the men drank their poisoned wine? Now that’s what I call an epic start to a new season!

2. The Stark Children Reunite

Fans have been waiting for this since the very first season. The remaining Stark children all went their separate ways at the beginning: Bran became crippled and went North of the Wall to become the Three-Eyed Raven, and now he has visions that give him knowledge. Arya escaped King’s Landing and went her own way to become a Faceless assassin. But then, decided it wasn’t for her, and used what she learned to kill people on her list. Sansa was hostage for a while, in the hands of two psychos and then helped Jon take back their home. Finally, they are together again! Bran came home first and now knowing about Jon’s true heritage he’s just itching to tell him when he returns. It’s just too bad he has become so emotionally detached as the Three-Eyed Raven now.
Arya was the one I was looking forward to returning home the most. She’s extremely clever at getting where she needs to go, and when I saw her and Sansa in the crypt, I was amazed how much the two of them have matured. Remember back in season 1 when the two squabbled constantly? After what they’ve both been through, it’s high time they got along. But oh man, when Littlefinger tried to tear them apart through his usual manipulation, I wanted him dead more than ever! Aside from that, if only Jon was here to see them all together.

3. Battle in the Reach

Fellow Targaryen lovers let us rejoice! Not only did Daenerys return home to Dragonstone, but she also led and won one of the series’ most epic battles to date. While the Lannisters and their allies are carrying supply through the Reach back to King’s Landing, Dany mounted on Drogon and led her Dothraki army to attack the enemy, destroying the supplies and most of the army. It’s the first battle between the main rival houses of the entire series and boy did it have us on the edge of our seats. At first, I had my rage building up inside me earlier when Qyburn showed Cersei the ballista, and when it was brought along with them, that was very edge-of-the-seat for me. As a Targaryen supporter and dragon lover, I didn’t want any dragons to die and thought anyone who thought otherwise were heartless pricks. This was also the first time we got to see Dany in more intense action, first there was attacking the slave master’s ships, and now this.
When Bronn took out the ballista, I was ready to put him on my hate list if he ended up killing Drogon. I was like: “Don’t you dare bastard!” and when he ended up hitting Drogon, thank the gods it wasn’t fatal and he managed to destroy the ballista. I thought Bronn was dead by the end of the episode, but I was wrong about that. In the aftermath of winning the battle, it shows not only Dany’s strength, but also her stubbornness, and she’ll have to consider other options if she doesn’t want to be Queen of the Ashes and turn her focus to a threat even greater than Cersei.

4. Littlefinger’s Long-Awaited Demise

Lord Baelish a.k.a Littlefinger is known as one of the most manipulative and intelligent characters in the series. At first, I only saw him as just a brothel owner; no he’s so much more than that. In fact, he’s responsible for a fair amount of deaths in the series: He pushed Lysa Arryn through the moon door to gain power in the Vale. He conspired to murder Jon Arryn by giving Lysa the poison able to do so. On top of all that, he started the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters, by having Lysa write to the Starks that the Lannisters killed Jon, and conspired with Cersei and Joffrey to betray Ned Stark, so he [Ned] was executed on false charges. Let us not also forget that he also arranged to have Sansa wed to Ramsay Bolton and did not know what a monster Ramsay was. 
To sum it up, he’s a huge liar who turns people against each other. Thank God Sansa was able to realize that was what he was trying to do to her and Arya. I wish that this would have happened sooner but Sansa’s a slow learner as she says. There’s no justice in the world, not unless we make it. This was a quick death, but one of the most satisfying.

6. The Meeting at Dragonpit/Jaime Leaves Cersei

The season finale marks the remaining characters recognizing the threat that the Army of the Dead poses. After the events beyond the Wall, Daenerys and Jon plan to meet with Cersei and her allies for a truce until the Night’s King is defeated. Of course, Dany has to make her grand entrance on Drogon’s back which I expected. But, knowing Cersei, she is willing to say whatever she wants to protect her family… well, what’s left of it that is. Euron leaves out of the blue like a coward, and Cersei seemingly accepts the proposed truce after Jon demonstrates how the wights can be dealt with. Boy, were we wrong!
Even though I’ve never liked Jaime, at least to this point he’s had some sense of what is right given from his experience against Dany’s forces and how dangerous the undead are. He pledges to ride North to help in the war to come, and yet, Cersei considers him a traitor for that. She holds grudges easily and takes great pride in making sure her house survives. Even when Jaime explains to her that in order for survival, loyalty to certain houses must be exempt in the circumstances afoot. But Cersei has become increasingly power hungry: she has gone as far as to murder innocents, and refuses to put her house’s survival at risk to stop great threat to all of Westeros. She also has increasingly alienated Jaime and has lost many loyal to her in the process until the end of this season. In spite of that, Jaime always stayed until he was all she had left. Clearly lying about the truce was too far for Jaime revealing how selfish his sister had become, therefore he left. I’ll never forget that final scene between them, and adding the winter weather reaching the King’s Landing afterwards has such a dramatic feel to it. It’s like it a connection to Cersei having lost everyone who loved her and that she’ll be no match for what’s to come….. but we shall see.

7. Jon and Daenerys Finally Meet

Ice and Fire. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are the series most primary protagonists. They have been through a lot and now they have finally met. Seeing these two finally crossing paths made me realize the hype was worth it. Jon and Dany have a lot in common, both of them have started of small: a bastard and an exiled princess. 
Jon Snow felt like an outcast, being a bastard of Winterfell, so he decided to join the Night’s Watch and has faced many challenges, while Dany on the other hand was sold to a warlord, hatched three dragons, and struggled to rule Slaver’s Bay. Both of these characters have made mistakes that cost them dearly and they have grown up to become much stronger than they were before.
They are also both candidates to be the “Prince that was Promised” and the meaning of that prophecy is considered gender neutral, but I do not know if it also is neutral in how many can be promised. 
To be honest, I was struggling to see the chemistry between them as they both had different points of view. As the season progressed, Dany wanted Jon to bend the knee to her, and Jon needed her help against the undead, as well as access to the Dragonglass beneath the island. It seems that Dany doesn’t believe him at all, but part of her is intrigued by threat. I loved every interaction between them despite them having trouble understanding one another. 
The season finale fills in the gaps of Jon’s true heritage which was already partly revealed in the season 6 finale, therefore what we know, Jon is an heir to the Iron Throne. So I am left with the following questions: Will he betray Dany and take his rightful claim? Will he remain loyal to her and let her take it instead? Or will they marry and rule Westeros together once Cersei is out of the picture? That brings us to the scene where we finally get to see these two having sex. Love it or hate it, but if you hate it, just remember, House Targaryen always did incest to keep the blood pure. I have no issues with it, in fact, I liked it. They’re the show’s two most attractive actors! Who wouldn’t want to see their bodies together?!

And now, onto the moments that I wasn’t so happy about:

1. Euron Attacks the Iron Fleet

Euron Greyjoy made his debut last season when he killed Balon and stole the throne when Yara tried to claim it. I already had a good reason to hate him from the start: He claimed Yara was incapable of ruling because she was a woman, he went to brag about how Dany was across the narrow sea with all her power and no husband. If there’s one thing I despise, it’s the sexism and gender roles, but the women in this series have stopped at nothing to defy them. But then, I realized what a prick Euron was when he boasted about showing his cock to Dany. Okay yeah, I hate you now. However, it’s silly to compare him to Ramsay. Articles said: “He makes Ramsay look like a little kid.” My ass. This scene right here when he attacks the flight is the only other thing he does to make him a character to hate, while everything he’s said to make him hated was last season. He’s nothing compared to Ramsay. I never cared for the Sand Snakes, but I started to get some hope for Theon and Yara when they reconciled and Yara’s a badass; I would have been angrier if Euron killed her there. Joffrey was a brat, Ramsay was a psycho, and Euron….he’s just an egoistic asshole, not to mention a show-off. I hate him for this, and that evil smile of his will never top Ramsay’s.

2. Cersei Gets Revenge

Cersei clearly won that round in this episode. Even if you don’t care for House Martell, you still have to admit this was pretty cruel of her to do. While Dany often offers a choice to her enemies, and if they refuse, they die quick. But Cersei, oh man to poison Tyene like that and have Ellaria watch her daughter die slowly is even more cruel in my opinion. It gives me some sympathy for those two. I had a hunch that she had the Long Farewell poison on her lips, like when have we ever seen any woman in Westeros wearing lipstick? If we did, it would probably be poison. I’ve noticed that there are more off-screen deaths in the series since Stannis at the end of season 5. Either way, this just shows how cruel Cersei is.

3. Battle Beyond the Wall/Viserion’s Death and Wight Reborn

Let me make this perfectly clear: If you kill a dragon in GOT, you automatically surpass every character in the series that I despise so you’re at the top of the hate list. Bronn almost made that status, but instead the honour goes to the Night’s King. While this episode had some really intense moments (and nice to see some more wildlife, like a wight bear, because all those times beyond the Wall, we never saw any animals!), including Dany coming to the rescue, I had a bad feeling the moment the Night’s King showed up. I was sitting alone in the basement at the cottage watching this episode, so I was prepared to unleash the emotion of what was to come, and it did come. Some people were heartbroken and some people were making memes that the Night’s King should be in the Olympics. For some reason, I didn’t cry. I was heartbroken, but instead I decided to show it with rage, so thank the Gods I was watching this alone. I cursed at the Night’s King that night, he met my middle finger numerous times. I despised him from that night on, more than I hated Viserys, Joffrey, Ramsay, Cersei, and Stannis. There is almost no middle ground of feelings for any character in this series; just like there is no middle ground for the game of thrones itself.
On a positive note, after this happened, Dany finally understood the threat of the undead army after this incident, and vows to help Jon end the threat. In return he swears fealty to her. You can see how hard it was to hide her emotion as she rescues the others. But when she’s alone with Jon, she’s in tears. The dragons are her children, so to anyone who thinks she’s incapable of being emotional when she loses her child, you’re wrong. Also, if it was Drogon instead, I would have been even more pissed. As much as it angered and broke me inside, perhaps we all saw it coming: Viserion was named after Dany’s brother who abused her. Despite that, she still loved him enough to name one of her dragons after him. But it seemed like his fate was sealed given that name and how we never saw him in the action like Drogon. They say the dragon has three heads, and that each will be rode. Viserion was named after someone who was genuinely evil, so perhaps this was what he was meant to become: die and then be reborn evil and rode by the Night’s King. Dany already rides Drogon, and now I’m starting to believe that Jon will ride Rhaegal. For now, we shall see, but it’ll be hard to get over this.

4. The Night’s King Breaks Down the Wall

It seems like the last two seasons have been filled with things we’ve been waiting for…forever. By the end of season 6, Dany finally was on her way to Westeros, and by the end of this season, the Army of the Dead has finally breached the Wall. The Night’s King breaks it down with the reborn Viserion breathing what appears to be ice, and the army proceeds through the rubble into the lands South of the Wall now that winter has spread all over Westeros. The Great War is here, and it’s scary. Surely this should be something that goes underneath the best moments, but bear in mind, the worst moments I write are not just things that made me sad or angry: They could also be moments where I fear for the future of characters I like and am eager to find out what happens next. Now, I’ll have to wait a year (possibly two) to find out how the Great War unfolds. 
Where will the dead strike first? What is the plan for the living to survive? What of the prophecy of Azor Ahai? So many unanswered questions that will remain that way until the new season airs. Apparently, the episodes will be almost the length of a feature film. Hopefully I can sit through that, with a fresh bowl of popcorn!
Until GOT returns, perhaps it’s time to take up a new series to watch, or rewatch an old one. I recently discovered The Good Doctor, and my Clone Wars DVD box set has been collecting dust on my bookshelf just waiting for my desire to have a marathon. There’s also my TFP DVD’s where I started a marathon and got sidetracked before I could continue, I know I was last at the end of season 1, and it was time to start the second, so we shall see.
This was a pretty short season for GOT, but already I’m pumped and want more. I often like to rewatch the season to recap so, I could do that too. I hope you didn’t read this article before you got caught up, but it shouldn’t matter. It’s practically impossible to avoid spoilers!

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 7 – The Best and Worst”

  1. This season was such epic, and can't wait for the next. But I don't understand people reactions, all complaining against Daenerys, like if they wanted that now Cersei wins. When Dany do something, boom, everyone is upset, but whe it's Cersei, no one for complaining. Same thing for the couple Jon/Dany. They are both the icons of the series, The Ice and the Fire, and now they met, everyone is like “no we don't want them together, we want them fighting each other”. No, if they were fighting, I'd be sad. During all the series, Jon and Dany suffered a lot, and now they found themselves, two great and strong leaders fighting for the freedom and the safety of their people. They have such in common, that's why they're made to be together. Yeah, I'm team Jonerys, and proud to be.


  2. Yeah I can't understand why people freak out over something Dany does. Like when she burns Dickon and Randyll Tarly (I hated him btw), everyone is like “OMG SHE IS THE MAD QUEEN!” well, I hate to burst the bubble but Dany offered them a choice. She doesn't believe in slavery, she is not her father and I'm pretty sure she is aware she will not be like him. Being the daughter of the Mad King does not mean she's going to become like that. Children always prosper differently than their parents. But Cersei on the other hand, she's murdering innocents and no one blinks an eye. Also who the hell said Jon and Dany should be against each other? The best we can do is just ignore people like that, there will always be those who disagree and this is why I steer clear of any communities online related to GOT, and if you don't want to put up with it, you should too and focus on your own beliefs, those who share it, and those who disagree BUT are respectful.


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