Darkspawn Vortex

Can you believe it’s been so long since I wrote about a dream?

There have been several nights where I had a few strange and vivid dreams that would have been worthy writing about, however, I didn’t feel the motivation to share them. Then, there were also a few that were too personal to share!

So, why not start sharing these stories again with something that delivers memories, as well as new horizons?

I felt like this dream was fast-paced so this’ll be a quick one for you.

It began with a dark void, and a thousand red eyes staring at me, and they began to merge and swirl around creating a dark vortex. I started to run as fast as I could to a small light waiting for me on the other side of the darkness. A voice called out to me in rage, but I must have been running too fast for me to catch what they were saying.

Then, I was standing in a desert place with rocky arches, purple lava, and castle towers. Sound familiar PS gamers? I was in the Peace Keepers home world from the first Spyro game! I got so excited to be there, and there were surprisingly no gnorcs or cannons in the area.

I saw several people running around and one girl came over and told me to join them. She said they were having a race to see who could open the most locked boxes containing gems inside them.

It wasn’t long before I took the lead in the game. I had ran all over the place: over natural bridges, jumped across chasms, hopped across lava, and lowered onto platforms deep in the center of gorges, containing keys to unlock the boxes scattered everywhere. Eventually, someone told me I needed to find a silver key that would open the final box.

I found it after searching inside a cave, but the box I could not find. I got lost trying to find a way out of the cave, and heard a familiar voice again. Things were also getting quieter that made me think that this dream was almost over.

That was when I came to a chamber lit red as a tall figure stood in the middle and appeared to be performing some kind of ritual.

Friendly reminder that I have been playing too much Dragon Age

I didn’t have to guess who it was, I know Corypheus when I see him. I really wanted to share my Iron Bull dream from a couple of weeks ago, but from what I remember, that one’s too personal also!

This dream will have to suffice as the first Dragon Age dream that I share. Anyway, Corypheus didn’t have to look very hard to see me standing at the entrance to the chamber, there was no place to hide unfortunately. He ordered his darkspawn minions to restrain me and bring me before him. I did not struggled but looked at him scared as he towered above me. In his hands was an orb, like the one he uses in the game to try and remove the Anchor: the mark on my hand. But, this didn’t look like he was intending to do just that in the dream. There was no mark in this situation.
Instead, there was a small dark vortex within the orb that began to rapidly expand with the red eyes fusing within. I struggled as the silence filled the chamber, knowing it would once again try to pull me towards it
Then, I woke up, just like that. It’s not much but it’s a DAI dream to me. I’m off to bed now and ready to go to class tomorrow, hopefully all goes well.


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