Queen of the Love Cirice and Criminal Roulette – Music of November 2017

Well, it looks like it’s time for another monthly music post.

I didn’t really listen to a lot of music this month because half of the month consisted of me withdrawing from activities I enjoyed due to the high level of anxiety I was facing. It wasn’t until the middle of November where good news arrived and I began to play my music again.

However, there were some times, where things things felt like there was no hope and music did help me escape a little. November is quite pop-ish this time, but that’s okay because variety is good.

5. Xandria – Queen of Hearts Reborn

Starting with something to broaden my horizons. One night on the weekend before I was set to go back to class, I felt like putting on some Xandria, one of Brayden’s favourite bands that he traveled to Montreal to see and met twice. Sometimes, there is no set up when we want to check out a band. When people talk about the bands they like, I make a mental note to listen to some songs by them. But, often I don’t do it right away because my working memory isn’t great. If was really serious about listening to a “new-to-me” band, I would have to write it down on a post-it note to make sure I don’t forget.

Anyway, I don’t think this was the first Xandria song I listened to, pretty sure it was Call of Destiny first, but I went with this one, because it was the first one that I liked and made me get serious about checking them out. As you might expect, it sounds like royalty to me, but also with a touch of someone with great power who is about to make a move against their enemy – whether it’s manipulation or a battle. It’s always a game of some kind and yes a card game is one way of thinking of it since there’s the Queen of Hearts. The biggest thing I picture is someone who has fallen from grace and is about to rise again in redemption.

4. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft

Another new song I discovered recently, I used to listen to Kelly a lot in my teen years, and only now it seems that her songs are becoming more cheerful. In the past, her songs were all about heartbreak and failed relationships. Now, it’s become different, which I suppose is good to hear. As soon as I heard this song, for some reason, I started to picture myself singing and dancing in this light armor you can obtain at the beginning of Dragon Age Inquisition if you have a certain content pack installed, and I was also sitting on Iron Bull’s lap. That’s all I will reveal! *devil face* but this is a catchy song and it makes me feel like I’ve been missing out on what Kelly’s been up to.

3. Ghost – Cirice

My iPod really wanted to play this song many times when I put it on shuffle during the few times I was out somewhere this month. It seems like perfect timing since it was a year ago I went to my second ritual which I felt was almost more enjoyable than the first, because no drama followed after it. I still remember when it was released as a single, I was listening to it constantly, happy that Ghost was back with something new. Of all the Ghost songs that have been released, this is my new favourite one to sing. Actually, when I was up at the cottage the second time in the summer this year: we had the TV playing one of the rock channels of Stingray music and suddenly it started to play this song. I was shocked but at the same time I immediately burst into singing it. My aunt and mom came inside and never expressed interest in changing the channel until some time after the song had ended. I told them it was Ghost. It’s still one of the most catchy songs they’ve released to date.

2. Ash Koley – Criminal

Have to add this one in here, specifically for the Didact, just because it was three years ago that he became the first fictional crush of mine that I realized was underrated. This was the song that made me think of him, because he was someone who was well…..evil and the thought of that kind of relationship to imagine was something bad but I didn’t care. Actually, if it weren’t for this song, I would have never wrote that fanfiction about him: The one where I’m just me and fall in love with him and try to help him realize there is still good inside him. I picture the story in quick summary listening to this song, which gave me the idea that the fanfiction was going to be a short story, but as I progressed in writing, it became clear that this story was not going to be a short one! I now consider this song to be the theme for that Didact fanfiction. Ash is a very talented singer and I’m surprised she’s still not big yet! Oh well, the good news about not being too famous is that it gives you more time to interact with your fans!

1. Katy Perry – Roulette

And the number one goes to Katy, for two reasons: One, when the strike was really taking its toll on me, Katy was the only artist that really helped me briefly forget about it and be happy when I got to see her live. Two, I wasn’t fond of this song at first until she performed it live. Now I love it and it’s been stuck in my head for a while. When I listen to this song now, I feel like everything is spinning, like life is a game where you will win or lose at some things, and then there’s that time where you just want to escape it for a bit no matter how you do it. If the way you do it results in a great time, or a costly mistake that is part of the game of life is it not? Of course, there were no particular times where I was in this situation that I can recall, but, during the strike, I felt like both sides were playing games with each other and it was interfering with the lives of myself and countless other students. When I went to see Katy live, that was when I felt like I wanted to forget and have fun like the world was ending.

There we go, the 11th month gone, and soon Christmas will be upon us, and I’m considering doing a Christmas special of top 5 songs. But, I feel like I’ll want to publish it before Christmas or on the day of it instead of waiting until the end of the month! We shall see what I feel like doing.

In the meantime, things feel a bit crunched since I’ve gone back to class. I wrote a midterm today that I feel slightly good about, and next week my group and I have to present our halitosis display (which we stayed late after the midterm to put together), dispense a compound, and do a drug quiz in class which I believe won’t be as tough. (bless you Quizlet for being with me when it comes to learning all these drugs!) Hopefully after those things are done, things will temporarily settle down.


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