Kadan – My Heart

Ah, so this clearly gives everything away… I’m not even finished Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, but I’ve been playing it nonstop and loving every moment! I just cannot keep everything hush-hush on who I romance or anything else major before I finish the game… or at least finish the main storyline!

What can I say? It spills out of me like confetti bursting and my friends figure it out real fast. I’m good at keeping secrets, but clearly not in this situation.

So, with that being said, I have once again treated myself with a special early Christmas present this year, and what better gift could it be other than one to show my devotion to the Iron Bull?

But this is gonna take me down. He’s so tall, and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well

I wrote on my page of fictional crushes that I began to like him after watching a bunch of clips from the game that someone was posting on Instagram. It was the drinking scene you have with him after killing a high dragon for the first time that sparked my interest in him. Like I said, he’s so strong, handsome, charming in a way, and he makes me laugh. He’s definitely got the best party banter in the game. I can’t take him along in fights without getting giggly when he gets excited once a dragon or another tough fight is upon us. You know what that means, he’s a tough guy who loves a good fight that leaves his weapon bloody, his foe helplessly begging for mercy, and maybe another battle scar….as long as he doesn’t lose the other eye!

It feels so strange writing this when I haven’t even beat the game yet, but I guess I just couldn’t wait. Yes, I will write about the game’s main storyline once I’m done, add in some gameplay stuff too. My Inquisitor has locked in the relationship with him but that I will also save my thoughts for on the review article.
When I learned that in order to lock in the relationship with Bull, you had to kill a high dragon and make a necklace from one of its teeth, I became desperate. I gave a good victory screech once I finally succeeded in killing one. Then on the same day, I began searching for the necklace to show my love. Lots of places had it, even the BioWare store; which I almost bought it there, but changed my mind when I saw the price and the size of the pendant (it looked too small to be a dragon’s tooth!) You see, spending $100+ on my birthstone ring was one thing because that was something more personal, this is different. I don’t need to have a fancy/pricey bling-bling for any of my fictional crushes. So, I decided to return to Rebecca on Etsy, and it was no surprise that she was able to make it for me as she was a big DA fan aside from Mass Effect. She could tell by seeing my order that I had a thing for Bull.

The pendant arrived a bit faster this time, and when it did. I was in love: it was just the right size, exactly how I imagined it to be. Due to being busy with school stuff, I didn’t get a chance to buy a chain for it just yet, but after spending some time raking leaves, the afternoon was still young by the time we were done. So, my mom and I went up to the plazas to look at shoes, and I popped into Michael’s en route.

Seriously, the necklace of Kadan is lovely and I’m so happy. I couldn’t wait to wear it the moment it arrived, another well done job with the detail, especially the silver engraving! My heart melts every time he calls me Kadan in the game! But, the first time was the best (not counting the part where he says it when we’re drinking and he compliments me a certain way) where he puts his arms around me like that, telling me what Kadan means before tilting me backward to lie me down.

I have been devoted to him since meeting him in the game, and saved his men: the Chargers. Things are going great. A thank you once again to Rebecca for making another pendant for me, I also owe it to her as well for introducing me to this new universe. I love my badass hunky Qunari and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the game’s story after I defeat Corypheus and play/write about the DLCs to follow. I’m not far from that!


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