Turning Topsy Turvy Pages

Oh have I not written anything to ring in the new year? My bad! I’ve been occupied all week pondering about what’s going to happen in 2018, as well as playing Dragon Age: Origins. Definitely a lot more tactical than Inquisition. I have also picked up Sims 4 (again!) and Hollow Knight. Gaming has really reduced the drama for me.

Well, once again it’s Topsy Turvy Day! Perhaps it’s time to share some stuff that’s going on.

But first have some Clopin:

To be completely honest, I wasn’t looking forward to 2018 because it would present to me another big change: a time to turn the page in my life. That’s right, I will be graduating this year as long as I play my cards right in field placement. I can already feel the anxiety building since the first placement is something I have to set up myself and my anxiety always makes the task so daunting.

However, once the placement is set up, I’m okay again and continue with my life just like normal. All I really worry about is finding some place, and I haven’t been given a start date yet; which I’d love to know so I can start calling and sending letters ASAP beforehand to start on time if this is going to take 4 weeks to get the hours I need.

My mom and I were talking about taking another beach vacation after my program ends, you know, just to celebrate my achievement before the graduation itself, and plus we both love the Caribbean. I could use that, but our decision isn’t final. If we do go, then my job hunt will have to wait until after I return and it’ll be just in time for my 25th birthday too. If we do agree on a resort and date, I’ll have to cut back on my spending so I can pay my share of the trip!

I sometimes start to really worry about finding work once school is over, but inside my gut is telling me I might have a better outcome, especially with all the volunteer work I’ve been doing the past two years! My goal is to first get some more experience in my field first, get licensed after a year or two, and then start looking for that ideal job.

So far, there are no planned events yet; a few concerts are under consideration and I haven’t thought about Comic Con or Fan Expo yet. If one of them is my third time being Frollo well, who cares if it’s the third time or twentieth time? Frollo is pretty much part of me now as a person. (minus the racism and religious part!) I could probably do Comic Con if I finish my placement before then as it’ll be just before I start my second one. (depending on my hours of course).

Towards the end of 2017, I took up colouring in those adult-style colouring books and got a Dragon Age one along with a cute plush doll of the Iron Bull. He was quite small in size but too cute for me to return and I couldn’t stop holding him once I took him out of the package! Now he sits on my bed beside Optimus.

With that being said, I hope 2018 will not be too stressful. Oh, and one more thing to close this off, I have seen The Last Jedi. My feelings for it are between mixed and negative unfortunately, but I think it’s time I get working on the article. This will be different.

Happy Topsy Turvy Day everyone!


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