Bee, Take Me To Your Leader

Ah, it’s been so long! I never have these dreams anymore!

When I was 16/17. All I wanted to dream about was Transformers; whether it was the Autobots protecting me, getting kidnapped by Decepticons, or just sitting on Optimus’s shoulder and watching the sunset. Hell, someone once asked me if I’d do that with him, and I said yes in a heartbeat. Primes don’t party but I’ll do anything with him.

Anyway, yes I wanted to dream about it every night but seldom did. Then, these dreams come up when I least expect them. Some of them are weird like the last one I wrote about. This one felt like the first movie, only I replace the roles of Sam and Mikaela in one. That is how it should be!

This dream revolves around Bumblebee the most, and coincidentally, he is getting his own movie soon. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.

In this dream, I was walking along the street. It was just another day in paradise as I was headed towards work and then I had this strange feeling someone, or something was following me.

I turned around to see a car that looked like a cop car, it’s Barricade I tell you. Who else would it be. I was totally innocent walking down the sidewalk until they pulled up next to me. I asked the officer behind the wheel (not knowing it was a hologram) if there was a problem, but then the hologram faded and Barricade transformed, pointing his guns at me.

I didn’t have anything that would make the Decepticons come after me. Perhaps he was just sent to obliterate humanity, or capture one to learn more about us in case we resisted and sent our military forces after them. They needed an inside source and it looks like that was what I was to be.

I ran as fast as I heard the destruction behind me as he crushed the cars on the side of the road with every step he took. He grunted in anger calling out after me that I could not escape Lord’s Megatron’s plans.

Other people started to run, but Barricade was only interested in pursuing me. Then, out of nowhere, a missile came and hit him in the chest. I jumped aside and then turned around to see Bumblebee appear and tackle Barricade to the ground. They brawled as I watched from a distance and Bee eventually disarmed Barricade causing him to flee. Bee then approached me and started speaking through the radio like he did in the movies. I asked him why he saved me and he turned into his Camaro and told me to get in and save my questions for his leader.

Now, on the inside I’d be screaming happily that I was to be taken to Optimus now that I had witnessed the existence of Cybertronians and survived.

It was nighttime by the time we arrived in an open area with what looked like a military base. I climbed out of the car and there came Optimus as his truck along with the others including Ironhide and Ratchet. Shame on Bay for killing them off, oh and Jazz too!

Optimus transformed and introduced himself telling me the purpose of the Autobots. I asked how this involved me and he said because I was the only one who had ever seen them, and that it was best that I be kept under protection now that the Decepticons would know of me as well. Inside, all I could do was stare at him into those beautiful blue optics trying not to swoon.

I know just where this is going to go. I would just move into the base, have one of the Autobots drive me to work or other places every day, and look for any excuse to spend time with Optimus. Like, if he went for a drive, I would just ask him if I could come along!

I need to have more dreams like this, I cannot forget about the time my love for TF was in it’s…..prime!


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