Don’t Have Time? Make It

A lot of us don’t think we have time for anything in life that is important to us, especially if it’s something little like a hobby. Life keeps us busy with all these responsibilities, therefore sometimes we end up giving up these things because we believe we don’t have enough time for them.

What a bunch of nonsense. As someone who cares deeply about having my “me-time” to pursue hobbies, I say, if you feel you don’t have time for something, make it.

I was inspired to write this after some of my friends would always tell me or post it online how they felt too busy for something. One of them told me how she loves to play video games but feels so busy she can’t find time to play, and another says he seems way too occupied with his part-time job to write on his blog. (personally I don’t believe that, a part-time job is fewer hours than full-time, and not your traditional Mon – Fri, so you should still have plenty leftover while you’re still awake to do something you love) In response I would always tell them to make time for something they love to do.

After I told these stories to my aunt who sometimes reads this blog, she said, “Why don’t you write about it on here?” and then it hit me like ton of bricks.

Next week, the new semester begins, and I start my first placement which will take up the same amount of time as a full-time job. While I was at my first actual paid-job four years ago, which was full-time, it took up my entire day, but I still managed spend a little bit of time; an hour or two sometimes less, before going to bed either gaming, writing, or catching up on what I missed. It wasn’t the ideal amount of time I wanted to relax, but it’s better than nothing right?

When I was still underage, as in under 18, my parents took some of me and my brother’s hobbies very seriously like they were privileges. When we were kids and started playing video games, they would allow us thirty minutes on weekdays and an hour on weekends to play, even on our portable consoles. The only time that rule did not apply was vacations and holidays. When we became teenagers, that time limit increased to one hour on weekdays and slowly began to lift. By the time I turned 18, it was completely abolished and I could play as often as I wanted….. as long as I kept my grades up too!

It sucked having to be put on a restricted time limit to play video games, and no matter how much I complained about it back then, I took it because I loved gaming and it was better than having the privilege revoked.

From that, I also learned as I have said, to take what is given to you for granted. Life will throw things at you like your adult responsibilities such as a job and family. But, if there is something you really love to do, don’t feel like you have to give it up because you don’t have enough time for it. Make time for it, even if it’s just one hour a day or week. There’s no way that you’ll be spending every waking hour studying, working, or taking care of yourself and others!

Thing is, when work wears us out at the end of the day, we are so prone to flocking to watching TV or looking at social media, you know, things that don’t require us to use our brains. That could also be why we don’t feel like we have time for other hobbies like knitting or playing a favourite sport. Sadly, we have become such a lazy generation.

Now, I understand from some standpoints that some hobbies are meant to be done in excessive amounts of hours like video games; however it depends on the game. When the strike ended, I was still playing Inquisition but not as often as I was during the strike. If I really wanted to play between study breaks or on school nights, I would just do little things in the game that didn’t require a large chunk of time such as side quests and war table missions. So, that does not always have to apply.

You don’t always have to wait until you have more than three hours or a whole day available to pursue a hobby. Most of us may not ever have that amount of time based on how busy we are.

That is why, you make time for things you love with what you do have available. Surely you cannot be so busy you have absolutely NO time at all to do something you love. Take what life gives you, don’t be afraid to make time for something you love, even if it’s not the ideal amount of time you have to spend on it.

When I graduate from my program and get a job in my field; whether it’s part-time or full-time, I will to do everything in my power to make the time for my hobbies, even if it’s just an hour or less, because I will take what is given to me.

Who agrees?


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