Save Me Sten, from the Tornado of Fire

It’s no surprise I had a Dragon Age dream last night. I stayed up late trying to finish the Deep Roads portion of A Paragon of Her Kind. Man, it was so long and grueling but there were so many enemies to fight so hey, XP. Branka and the fucking Broodmother, that’s all I will say for now! Expect my full thoughts when I review the game later!

This is the second time I have had a dream about one of my companions in this game. I didn’t know why at first because when I first met him in the game, I didn’t like him. But then, he grew on me once he warmed up when I gave him gifts and stuff. The first dream, I kissed him but the second one is a lot more detailed.

So, who is this character?

Is that for me? He actually started calling me Kadan in the game once his approval was high enough.

Yep, it’s Sten, but the title of this article also gives that away! I had another dream about him last night, and since the one before that I kissed him, you’d want to ask yourself? “Why would anyone want to do that? He’s always so grumpy, strict, stoic, and doesn’t talk much.” That is very true, but I gave him a chance because I like the Qunari and I loved the Iron Bull so much that I wanted to see another main Qunari character even if they were the opposite personality. I started to like Sten when he began to show a soft side in the game for cookies and paintings when I started giving him gifts and returned his sword. He isn’t the greatest help for me on the battlefield, and sadly, he’s not a romance option, but still.

This dream, I remember Sten, a few other warriors, and I were camping by a river and waterfall in the winter. It was cold but not enough to freeze the water. All the other warriors had gone to sleep but Sten and I were sitting outside our tent looking at the view. From the way this is going, we were already in a relationship and we were discussing it on the eve of battle likely with the darkspawn. I can imagine the relationship being a lot more serious, because of how disciplined he can be, nothing kinky like with Bull! The conversation between us ended where I promised I’d bake him some delicious chocolate chip cookies once the battle was over. He leaned forward taking my hand thanking me for accepting him for who he was and we shared a long passionate kiss before going back inside the tent to sleep.

Later on, I stepped outside the tent, to…. you know, and this is where something comes in that helps me remember this dream. A strange melody started to play in my surroundings and I am still humming it as I write this. I looked around and then I heard something on my eight. I turned around to see from the trees above was what looked like a massive red fat tornado producing fire.

Unfortunately there were no red fat fire tornadoes so this will have to do.

I suspected there were darkspawn there so I once again sprouted my dragon wings and flew towards the action, and at this moment the melody changed to something you’d hear in a battle or when you’re in distress. There were no darkspawn; just the vortex and didn’t appear to be naturally caused. The closer I flew to it, the faster it spun towards me until I was almost caught in it and could not escape.

I tried to pull free but no avail. “STEN! STEN! HELP ME PLEASE!” on and on I shouted his name as loud as possible. When I woke up this morning humming that melody, I wanted to believe that I was shouting or whispering his name in my sleep. I saw him running in full armor with his sword out towards me.


I know he must have shout my name at some point as he charged towards the fierce twister and reached out to grab my hand as I spun past him and pulled me to safety. When he was successful, that was when a hole opened in the ground and the tornado suddenly vanished. That could only mean one thing: another Blight. Sten helped me up and we readied our weapons to fight whatever was emerging.

I remember having a short dream afterwards where I was playing piano in an orchestra the melody that was in this dream, so this afternoon I ended up extracting the melody from my brain to play it on our piano, it worked out well. Ah, if only I could romance Sten; he may be serious all the time but for a Qunari without horns, he’s certainly handsome…… there’s always going to be at least one or two characters you’ll become attracted to but they’re not on the market or aren’t interested in anything serious! I don’t think he’ll be competing with Bull though since they’re both from different time periods in Thedas!



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