Rasputin Knew Wolves Dancing in a Hole – Music of January 2018

Well, we’re back again at this routine since we didn’t do it last month in order to do a Christmas special. I had to pick songs at the last minute because of my first week on placement. I needed to sacrifice time to make sure I was settled into the atmosphere and get some good night’s sleep.

Choosing songs wasn’t easy, so at a time I just pick something that I was listening to recently and put it in there. Get ready for some unexpected ones this months!

5. Turisas – Rasputin

I couldn’t choose the first song, so I decided to start with something completely new to me that I had heard years ago. I’m not sure how I came across this song, maybe a metal page I like shared it once. The original version by Boney M, I heard years ago when my neighbor from Moscow played it at a small get-together that we were invited to and I was dancing to this song nonstop. I bugged her to play it again!

Then when I discovered this version by the Finnish band Turisas, those memories of that night came back and my love of the song returned combined with my new love for metal at that time. Turisas is not what I expected them to be: power, symphonic, folk, and viking, damn I am hungry for more! Any Finns and other fans from different parts of the world who read this are welcome to give me suggestions in the comments! So, this catchy song is about a well-known Russian figure of the same name, so I’ve heard. I will have to do my research, as history is not my specialty. Now I do not know which version of the song I like better but since this is metal, it’s leaning towards my favourite!

4. Megadeth – I Thought I Knew it All

The first song I heard on Megadeth’s Youthanasia album. The first time I heard it was when my friend was getting into them and this was the first song he heard. I feel like I’ve been hearing it a lot recently on my iPod when I shuffle it. There are just those few songs that your device decides to play frequently and I almost forgot how much I enjoyed it.

I feel like the title relates to thinking you know something but you find out you don’t. As I head into placement, I know this is where I apply my knowledge and experience into the real world. I may have spent three years studying, but we never stop learning and everyday, even in the workplace we are. I can also apply my previous work experience as well but even from there, I’m not an expert so I thought I knew it all but I really don’t. We are always learning something new daily.

But nevertheless, I love this song and the album, it is definitely the most melodic of their discography, and it is one of my favourites on this particular album.

3. Powerwolf – Son of a Wolf

Another one I was listening to a lot this month; this is probably one of my all-time favourite Powerwolf songs ever. It’s just so powerful in every way, and the guitar solo…. oh by the Matrix, there are some songs out there with some amazing solos and this one makes my list of favourites. It’s one of those songs that hits you in the face right away as it sounds different than the others and you love it immediately.

You know, I wonder if this song is also one I picked because of that dream of the band that I had a year ago.

The riff is great and I just have an urge to belt it out. Also, I feel like it’s a step back to the band’s roots where their songs were a lot darker sounding. If I ever get to see Powerwolf live one day, I want them to play this!

2. ABBA – Dancing Queen

Who doesn’t love some ABBA? Shame on you if you don’t! My mom and I love them and I still remember her dance routine to Voulez Vous. Many years ago, one CD we played a lot on the stereo was their album containing this song and many others. I have loved ABBA ever since listening to that album and watching Mamma Mia! But it was a few days ago that made my love for this song return.

Last Friday night, my mom and I were watching Muriel’s Wedding; a movie we both love, and towards the end, this song started playing and we burst into singing it. This song never fails to make me happy, even in the most stressful times. I’ll admit that weekend, I was really anxious because placement was around the corner and I would be at it for four weeks like a full-time job. But now, that I’m settling into my placement I feel better and this song helped me calm down prior to the start of it. Now I find myself better adjusted to my new schedule and I think one feeling and subtle message we can get from this song is in the darkest times, never forget to enjoy life and be happy in positive. You can make it through anything.

I really need to listen to ABBA more.

1. Lordi – Fire in the Hole

Other than BRS, this is one of the best Lordi songs from this album. I didn’t want to pick anything by Lordi this month because of the potential plan I had to pick all Lordi songs for February. That would be because of the 1-year anniversary of the concert and for Mr. Lordi’s birthday being that month. But I caved in once I realized this song was my jam this month. Let’s be real doing this monthly feature: just because I pick one song this month doesn’t mean I can’t pick it again several months later or next year!

I would hear this one come on whenever I was out for a walk outside or on the treadmill and even one time when I was cleaning up the kitchen! Whenever it plays, I have to turn it up because it pumps me up. I know the lyrics sound like something sexual with a lot of blood and guts. Hello, blow you up inside baby, can you imagine? Well that’s Lordi isn’t it?

I power walk to this song if it plays when I’m out and about. It feels like it has a power metal feel to it. I wouldn’t consider it underrated, but it definitely needs more love!

I’m worn out when I return home from placement with a sore back and feet from standing up all day, but it’s worth it. I’m getting more work experience and am doing great so far. I sometimes rise early so I have more time to get ready and play some video games for a little bit maybe an hour or half before I go. That’s one way how you can make time for something you love if you feel you don’t have time for it!

Anyway, it’s time to go to bed after a long day of hard work! Sweet dreams.


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