Be Gone Darkspawn!

Good morning!

Strange how I’m here writing and publishing in the morning. I always seem to work on my articles earlier in the day and then publish them in the evening when I make time for it.

Ever since I started placement, I would make a habit of gaming for about an hour before I leave. In fact, yesterday morning, I came so close to finishing Dragon Age: Origins, I had already started the final battle in Denerim with Alistair, Leliana, and Wynne by my side, but before I could storm the castle, I had to leave for placement, forcing myself to resume the battle last night.

No matter, yeah I beat the game last night. I’m surprised really, I only started it on New Year’s Eve and here I am already a month later and I’m finished. This is probably the first RPG game in the older days of BioWare with serious RPG and tactical combat that I’ve managed to complete. It’s definitely shorter than Insquisition, and there were some dark moments and definitely parts that made me want to break my keyboard. But I’ll save all the details for my review which I will begin working on this weekend. It’ll definitely make me forget about you-know-what happening, along with some music!

I feel so rushed to complete my weekly assignments, even though it’s only the end of the first week and I’ve already got two of them done. Well, probably because when I’m in that pharmacy, it’s a full-house back there if you know what I mean, so I cannot always insert myself in the situation that requires patient interaction. But starting today, I was thinking of getting more involved if my supervisor permits it, because there are some things I cannot do and are better left off for someone with more experience.

I’m proud however, how quickly I’ve picked up the things that I learned to do at my previous job. That’s a good sign, it’s like the time I didn’t go skiing for years and then when we went to Whistler I was able to pick up the sport again quickly.

I might be going to Sabaton in March too, but for now, the weekend’s almost here so until then I’m off to another day at placement.


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