The Found Battalion

It’s only Tuesday but it’s no matter. I really should share something to brighten up my spirits.

Given where things are going in the next few months, I don’t know how much time I will have for concerts, so I have made a vow to choose them wisely for the rest of my life because I still love concerts, but if I’m busy, I don’t go unless I really want to.

So, yay! Sabaton is coming back this year on the 1st of March, and them being one of those top bands for me, I cannot miss them. Third time’s the charm! Who knows, maybe I’ll leave the gig as a new fan of Kreator too. But for now, I’m stoked for Sabaton and they’ll be playing at the same venue I first saw them at. I’ve got flashbacks from 2015 the night I became a fan of them.

I was also hoping to see Iced Earth the same month, but unfortunately their show is on the same day as my first day at hospital placement. Even if my hours there turn out to lead to an early finish for the day, I would prefer to focus on getting oriented. It sucks but maybe next time, and I should buy their album.

I’m one of those Metalheads who loves concerts but also wants to have a good-paying job so if that means I don’t go to as many in my lifetime then so be it, because there is more to my life than just metal and concerts.

Other than that I’m still waiting for news on Lordi as it’s been really quiet since the last update with recording. This time around I begin to suspect this is when the new costumes will be unveiled soon, so this time when that happens I’ll leave my full thoughts on each band member!

I would give you an ideal set list for Sabaton but I love the majority of their songs so I don’t really care what they play. Hell, their set list last year was fantastic, but I am hoping for something that wasn’t on it this year and for it to be just as good. I never look at it prior to the gig, I like surprises!

Alright, goodnight for now.


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