Angaran Affection Among Bubbles

I've been writing so much this weekend due to how busy the second week of placement was, especially Friday. But I felt part of the team doing the full amount of work that the pharmacy team handled! Anyway, I've got another dream to write about and this'll probably be my last post for a couple… Continue reading Angaran Affection Among Bubbles


Witches, Golems, and Songs – DA Origins DLC Minis

I haven't done one of these in a while. In fact, the last time I recall writing one of these mini reviews was when I binge-watched the Clone Wars in the summer of 2015. Why write about each season when you can merge it all into one?So, this article is about the little add-ons that┬áDragon… Continue reading Witches, Golems, and Songs – DA Origins DLC Minis