Monstrous Love

I didn’t plan on writing anything this week due to focusing on placement, but decided against that when I realized what day it was today. I woke up this morning with a terrible reflux that I’ve had since yesterday and it’s always the worst in bed. But, I had to remind myself to be happy and work hard.

Sorry AMBY, please don’t bust me for borrowing this photo of my Monsterman, it’s just that I love it so much and I was at the gig that it was taken. I still give you credit!

It’s Mr. Lordi’s birthday today, my idol whom I love with all my heart. His words and music have taught me to be more confident in myself and not care what anyone thinks of me. I state this too many times to count and I don’t write these posts expressing endless admiration for him in hopes that he will see it and say something. I already know that that is unlikely because he’s not an Internet guy! But I write these kinds of posts because I want to and it pleases me. If he DID see it and liked it, well that’s a bonus. Most of you who visit regularly know that is one of the things he has taught me!

Every year when his birthday comes, I not only wish him happy birthday but also thank him for being a huge inspiration. I know I’ve said many times online why he inspires me, and he may have come across it once or twice on the forums, but he needs to hear it in person. It’s just a lot more touching that way! 
I wasn’t going to write about this until today either but I had a dream about him earlier this week where he was having this big birthday bash and invited his musician friends like Gene, U.D.O, Dee, etc. and a few lucky fans, including myself won invitations somehow. I decided to make him a very special handmade gift and when it was time for me to give it to him, some of the musicians were snickering how cheesy it looked. I can’t remember what the gift was, but I think it involved a homemade frame and the picture inside was a drawing I think. (God, I need to draw him again), but he dismissed all that snickering and said he loved it and gave me a bear hug. 
Who knows, perhaps part of that dream will come true next time Lordi is here, not the party portion but you know what part I’m talking about!

Anyways, it’s time for me to say it again: Happy birthday Mr. Lordi, and as always, thank you so much for motivating me in all the ways that you have that in general made me become a better person. I would not be the person I am now if it weren’t for you. Love you forever and always. 💘


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