True Fun is Love for Optimus and a Monsterman – Music of February 2018

Ah February, the shortest  month of the year, but even so, it is always such an eventful month every year for me. There are firstly, two important anniversaries that I celebrate every year that started in the years 2010 and 2012, and there will often be other things that accompany them that follow.

You’ll be happy to learn that I have completed my community placement hours and am back in class for the next four weeks. It was a fantastic experience and I already miss being there.

Anyway, once again I wasn’t listening to a lot of music this month, and I could have while en route to placement but it was only a 5-minute walk so there’s really only time for two songs before I reached the store. I could add another if I took the long way though.

5. Tove Lo – True Disaster

It’s been a year since I saw Tove Lo the second time and both times were great. However, last time is a bit more memorable because that’s when my mom and went to a nicer venue and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe (which is my first and likely last time since they’re, sadly, closing it down). This is one of my favourite songs on her new album and I didn’t come to love it until after she sang it live.

I wrote in another post that I wrote my own version of this song, replacing the word “disaster” with devotion and changed the lyrics to admiration and love rather than what the original song is about, that is, after listening to it a lot made me picture myself skipping, singing and dancing all around a certain city in Finland! So strange, yet unique how I can take songs like these and dream up something completely different from the original lyrics and message! I can’t wait for her to release some new music, I think she has a few singles out, but I’ve been living under a rock. Like, the first verse I wrote of my own version goes like this:

Crazy fans they didn’t know that I prefer guys like you
The type that stands out so good, and scares them like you do
You got that unique look I’m after, one many cannot stand
Crazy fans they like the cute guys, need another Monsterman

Yes, that sounds like typical me doesn’t it?

4. Britney Speers – I’ve Just Begun (Having my Fun)

Yeah, there’s quite a few pop songs this time. A little different eh? The truth is, I’ve been listening to Britney Speers since I was a little pyjak. Hell, I remember in 6th grade I felt like I was the only student in my class who liked her, because when everyone introduced themselves, they each mentioned one thing they liked and disliked. A few girls said they didn’t like Britney and I can’t remember if this was during her breakdown period, but I did a project on her that year.

Anyway, I was hunting for this song ever since I heard it from Bridesmaids and finally found it recently. The lyrics almost perfectly describe how I want to live my life outside of my career. Now, I doubt it’ll involve a bunch of flings with random guys like Britney implies in the verses, but the part where she mentions having a good time, enjoying the sunshine, shopping, and having fun in general is what hit it for me. It is especially at the chorus where she says “I just wanna be myself and don’t let anybody tell you it’s differently,” because I’ll be completely honest here, I’m not that kind of woman who wants to settle down. I want to see the world and do what I love to do, and the only person who will make me happy is myself. Settling down is not for everyone, and it’s not for me. I wish society would realize that.

3. Poesy – Soldier of Love (THE LAUNCH)

I don’t watch THE LAUNCH, or a lot of TV for that matter, but I did hear about this song’s success on the show and then days later it was on the radio. Already it sounded so powerful to me that I just had to Google the singer and buy the song! There are some pop songs on the radio that just are new and suddenly hit me in the face upon first listen.

Of course, this song is about recovering from a failed relationship until someone better comes around that makes you come out of your shell as it seems. I picture myself dancing and headbanging on top of a tank singing this when I listen to it, which has absolutely no connection at all to the song but oh well, I let my imagination run wild, and yes I should watch the show.

2. Steve Jablonsky – Optimus

This beautiful score always makes me think back to that very day on February 13th 2010 when I realized in my heart, there was an influence growing inside me, and the journey I was about to embark on, was not going to be an easy one. I had chosen to allow Optimus Prime to penetrate my heart, and through it, I faced bullying from peers, lectures from parents, and even random people on the Internet making fun of me or trying to “help me understand”.

Vashedan, through it all I never stopped loving Optimus as he encouraged me to follow my own path as freedom was my right to do so. But, it wasn’t a completely negative experience. I met some people over the years who felt the same way about him as I did and today I still remain friends with them. I can never forget the time I told Peter Cullen that Optimus helped me get through that difficult time. I listen to this score and picture in a little fantasy of when Optimus and I met for the first time. I was only 16 and vulnerable after being attacked by Decepticons, and he promised to protect me. We soon formed a close relationship; it eventually became a romance but not your typical kind. If he were to love a human, well that’s different than loving another bot! While the other bots kicked back at base, I would go with him for a drive and sit on his shoulder as we watched the sunset or go to other sights to spend time together. Even with the franchise in a downward spiral that made me lose faith, I still love Optimus, and no one can change that.

1. Lordi – Would You Love a Monsterman?

Of course, this has to be number one. It was mid-February 6 years ago and I was looking at the list of bands my friend from overseas had suggested to me, and Lordi was one of them. At that moment, we checked out Disturbed and decided to do Lordi next. So we pulled up this song and Brayden must have checked them out before I got to, because he could already name at least one of the members, and that was Mr. Lordi. Already the song was love at first listen: catchy and melodic so I bought it on iTunes and became hooked in no time at all. At the same time I started picturing a similar scenario which eventually came to be the first chapter of my infamous Lordi fanfiction.

I was home alone and the power went out, I saw Awa in the mirror, was attacked by Amen in the basement where I ended up stabbing him (of course that did no good him being a mummy and all) and barricading the entrance, I was blocked from both exits of the house by Kita and OX, and I backed into the living room where Mr. Lordi approached me. He suddenly pulled me into his arms and asked me the same question of the song title. I passed out before I could give an honest answer.

Of course, when I shared this image with Brayden, he believed I was crushing on Mr. Lordi and started to tease me, and truth be told he was right. I barely knew him [Mr. Lordi] at that time, so I didn’t believe it until I started watching the interviews in the summer of that year and got to see what kind of personality he had and what he preached. Then, I came out of the shadows and admitted those feelings as he had become my idol. When I hear this song, I still think of that part of my story, but I also think back to the first day I discovered Lordi. I discovered Lordi in February, and saw them live in February too, the same month as Mr. Lordi’s birthday as well. It all comes together in the perfect package. February is a Lordi month for me.

It’s also funny because Lordi is the only rock/metal song I chose for this month! Sometimes that happens, but it shows that my music taste has variety, and every month is different.

Well, it’s lights out and I’m going to see Sabaton tomorrow, for the third time no less. Life is good.


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