Let’s Be Surprised!

While impatiently waiting for more photos of Lordi’s new costumes so I can write about it, I bring to you this little rant:

Do you like surprises? I definitely do, but they’re not for everyone. There are, in fact, some people on the spectrum who hate being surprised. I’m not sure why, but if it’s like your general surprise party, then maybe it’s because they like something exactly the way they want it and don’t want anything unexpected.

I try not to be too demanding with anything in life, whether its movies, books or bands. People get easily upset if there is something revealed and it isn’t precisely what it should be to them.

Over the years and even today I am trying to lower my expectations with anything in life. It isn’t easy because my anxiety gets the better of me, especially in my professional life. But, if it’s something that isn’t in that category, you can expect me to be relaxed.

For example, Nightwish has begun embarking on their 9-month Decades tour. I almost wanted to go, especially since my friend has an extra ticket, but decided against it because I would like to get the final prep for hospital placement done and I have a practical exam that I desperately need to pass.

I couldn’t help but notice that some of my friends were sharing the live videos of the tour so far, where the band was playing some rare songs. Some of those friends are seeing Nightwish soon. I sat back in my chair and thought to myself: “That takes away the surprise.”

Continuing with the concert example, I’ve said this before: I NEVER look at a set list prior to a gig that I’m going to. There is this mental and physical sensation of surprise you will receive when a song you love is suddenly played, especially if it’s something rare. Imagine yourself standing in the crowd and the band starts playing that riff to that song you’ve wanted to hear live forever. Your heart starts to race, you raise your arms in the air and jump and scream because it was the most unexpected thing of the night. That, is what it is like to feel surprised. You can’t experience that feeling if you look at the set list beforehand, because you’re spoiling it for yourself and it’s not a surprise anymore.
Think about it logically, it’s like a child snooping around the house to find out where their Christmas presents are hidden, and then they discover in their mother’s closet: a bag full of toys that were on their list along with a few unexpected bonuses. Even if the child doesn’t get caught, inside they’re thinking “Oh wow, so mom got me that Barbie play set I wanted, and I also a My Little Pony set that I never put on my list” come Christmas day, will that child react as surprised when they open their presents to discover the gifts they saw while snooping around? I don’t think so. I probably wouldn’t because inside I already know what I got for Christmas from poking around!
Now, I’m not saying that we should all just live carefree. Some of us do not like being hit with shock, especially if it stresses us. I can put myself in Dr. Shaun Murphy’s shoes and imagine how anxious he became when that whole wedding party entered the ER that night. 
But, I guess the point I’m trying to prove is, you cannot avoid the unexpected all your life, especially if it is related to your career and responsibilities. In your personal life and things you enjoy, well that’s different, but why spoil it for yourself? Is it really that bad to not look at the set list before you go see the band and then be surprised with hearing your #1 favourite song live that you’ve been dying to hear for ages?
It’s just so much more fun to expect the unexpected sometimes. It makes life more exciting when you have something to look forward to and you don’t always know what’s going to happen. If it makes you anxious, there are always ways to calm it down.

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