The Supermonstars’ New Groove

After several weeks of silence, we finally got a hint that something wicked this way was coming.

During the quiet periods, I like to keep my followers engaged on my Lordi fanpage for fans in my continent.

After recording was done, there was a long period of silence and I was anxious to know what was happening. In the past, the band members have sometimes posted teaser images on social media foreshadowing what was to come. This time, there was nothing until Mana made an announcement. I was sitting in class and the instructor just dismissed us for a 5-minute break. I checked online to discover this:

A new era is here! Every time Lordi update their look, I have a little heart attack. It won’t be easy moving forward since the last era was the first I saw live, but the future is full of uncharted waters.

There haven’t been many photos released yet, but I can sum it up for you: I was surprised as hell given how unique each of their outfits were this time.

OX, oh man he is practically the devil and the talk of the town in the fandom! He looks so badass and the curled horns are definitely a highlight for me. Making him red was definitely a bold move, it suits him, so perhaps inside I was itching for a whole new direction for him.

Hella is one sexy motherfucker with her Barbie blonde hair and shiny lingerie. Some say she looks too slutty but I contradict: All the dolls I played with as a child wore skimpy outfits like that, she’s a doll so be it.

Amen is well…..Amen, but now he brings back the linen and an Ankh necklace to go with it. To me, he doesn’t change much per era except for the shape of his mouth. He looks great as usual.

Mana, definitely not what I’m used to with the bigger bug-jaws, and from another group photo, it looks like there’s a bird on his chest. His hair keeps changing and I have no clue what it is this time, but with every other era, it gets tied back.

Mr. Lordi…ah do I really have to get into it? Hahaha, no really do I? Because, he always looks great and handsome every time there is a change! He’s my beloved Monsterman! To quote an interview I saw of him: “A horror movie has to be pretty fucking crappy for me to not like it.” that can be applied in this situation. I am living for the spikes, especially on his boots, and the eyeball necklace is definitely the most unique feature.

I wanted to wait for individual photos to be posted so I could talk about each band member’s look in detail, especially Mr. Lordi and Mana since they are the ones covered up the most. But, it’s been a few weeks and I’m anxious to get this going.

The new album will be called Sexorcism, and the cover reminds me of The Conjuring: they say it will be their most controversial. I’m a little skeptical because it makes it sound like it’s going to be about porn more than horror. Sure, yeah Lordi’s older songs had sexually suggestive lyrics, which I had no issues with, but, horror was still the main element of those songs. I’m not one to judge quickly or critically, so I’ll have to wait and see until I hear the first single or when the album is released.

Anyway, yeah, I absolutely love the new costumes (wait…what costumes?), and hopefully, I will get to see them live if Lordi comes back here. They are, after all, the prettiest band ever and the new album will be my late birthday present this year!


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