I Got Sinister Torn Ignorance of Witches – Music of March 2018

March has come and gone and Easter is early this year! The first two weeks of my hospital placement are short and the first week flew by so quickly.

The four weeks of being back on campus definitely dragged and when we booked our vacation down South to the Caribbean for my birthday, I had something to look forward to.

I’m just going to jump straight into it.

5. Bebe Rexha – I Got You

Fun fact: the first time I heard this song was when my mom and I were eating dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Toronto. (I still can’t believe they are closing that place down! Food, service, and atmosphere is great there). Then I heard it on the radio and was reminded how much I liked it. There are just some pop songs that do that to you. The pre-chorus is repetitive, but the rest of the song is great. I can think of it as two people who had had difficult times in life and are there for one another as friends or lovers. I, of course am there for my friends who have had tough times, and my Shepard is always there for Garrus. My Hawke is also there for….. well, I’ll reveal who I hooked her up with once I beat the game! But this song is nevertheless catchy and it’s something I’d want to belt out in the car every time it plays.

4.  Powerwolf – Mr. Sinister

This song came into my head while I was vacuuming my room last week during a time-off period before I was due to start my second internship. The very first Powerwolf song that was released and I came to love it after receiving the two History of Heresy box sets for my birthday last year. The intro is a perfect introduction to the band going public for the first time. Now, it is my favourite song alongside of Demons and Diamonds on this album. Believe it or not, Powerwolf actually does have quite the demand here, and one of the Metalheads I met at the Lordi gig, had a patch of them on his vest. Powerwolf is another band where I thought I was the only one who liked them in this part of the world, but I’m obviously not alone now. They are now the only band in my top 5 that I haven’t seen yet, but if they have some demand here, I’m sure they’ll make it over for a tour eventually if Lordi was able to! I’ve now been waiting about 4 years to see them. Their new album is out soon and I am counting the days even no release date has been confirmed yet. If I could only hear one song from their older stuff live, it would be this one.

3. Kamelot – Torn

I don’t think I’ve done anything by Kamelot yet, but I do recall doing at least two of their songs when I used to do songs weekly instead of monthly. This has to be the one I’ve been hearing the most this month, well, actually the past few months! It took several listens to grow on me and now I love it. It was hard to find a connection with this song or something to think of when I heard it at first. But I’m slowly learning the lyrics and singing the chorus the past few days. I would say one connection I found relates to some stress I’m dealing with in my professional life, but I don’t want to spend all my monthly music posts and random updates talking about it too much, even though it’s nice to vent. This time I would rather write it down and talk to someone about it, instead of writing it here where I want to focus on the things I love. So, I can say this song is beautiful and dark in many ways, no matter how it makes you feel.

2. Paramore – Ignorance

Paramore came back into my life when my mom told me they were coming here this summer, (I think it’s this summer). This is one of my favourite songs by them and you can tell it’s about betrayal or perhaps could be dedicated to someone who treats you like shit. I can dedicate this to the Arishok even though I’m crushing on him. Why? Because he isn’t so friendly to you when you first meet him, sure yeah, you can eventually gain his respect, but he still doesn’t particularly like you. Now with this song, I’m imagining my Dragon Master self going to Kirkwall for business reasons, meeting the Arishok and we don’t see eye to eye, but once he learns my morals, he comes to respect me even if he doesn’t like me. Then, I sing this song at The Hanged Man and he comes in just as I begin, and from there, let’s just say that’s when he starts to warm up to me and we get closer. Yeah, so many Dragon Age connections this month!

1. Sabaton – Night Witches

Hell yeah, Sabaton has to be #1 after seeing them for a third time at the beginning of the month! This song was the one stuck in my head post-gig after I heard it live again that night. I still don’t know it by heart but soon I will! The bridge is my favourite part and when I hear it either on my iPod or live, I just want to belt out the lyrics while punching the air as fast as possible. It was one of those songs on Heroes that hit me as soon as it began, as the lyrics started quiet and grew I knew I was ready for an epic intro. I sang it in my dreams once and it makes me think of flying, like I’m part of the regiment or just soaring on my own through the night sky either overcast or clear. I’m likely flying at a slower speed and quiet as a shadow which brings me to:

I learned that the Night Witches were the nicknames given by the Germans to the 588th night bomber regiment of the Soviet Union and all the pilots in that battalion were women! Shocking right? At that time, women weren’t allowed to join the military but I guess the deployment of this particular regiment was one of the first signs of change in military-related rights for women. They were first deployed in 1942 until the end of the war. The planes they flew, were definitely obsolete since Russia never really spent time building anything new before the war, for whatever the reason. But, I like the tactics they came up with using the aircraft they had. The Germans had ways to detect the sound of a plane’s engine, and the pilots would use their low stall speed as an advantage to idle the engine and glide slowly and quietly to the drop zone with the only the wind giving a hint to their whereabouts. Their enemies would have no clue where they were until the last minute when the bomb hit! To the Germans, the silence of the regiment with the wind as their only clue was like broomsticks in the sky, hence the pilots were dubbed the Night Witches. Who needs to soar in guns and missiles blazing with your engine roaring when you can be slow and stealthy like a shadow who’s one with the wind?

And that’s all for the music of March 2018, signing off for the rest of the weekend, happy Easter!


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