Ancient Magister

Two posts in one day! How often do I do that? I think the last time I did that was a few years ago when I was using the basic theme for this blog, but we're all in for a treat so yeah.I have just completed the Legacy DLC, so now it's time to babble… Continue reading Ancient Magister


Heart of the Many

Well, one DLC down already! There is only two of them after all that were left after completing the main storyline.I decided to start with Mark of the Assassin. It was surprisingly quite short that I completed it in less than a couple of hours.So, remember when I mentioned in the main game review about… Continue reading Heart of the Many


Dragon Age II – The Tale of a Champion

It's time for another review, this time of Dragon Age II, having completed the game recently, I have to say I was met with a mixture of satisfaction, but also confusion. This game is a little different from the other two based on how the story is. It remains with the same RPG style as… Continue reading Dragon Age II – The Tale of a Champion


The Road to Sexorcism Era

Okay, I lied, I was going to sign off for the Easter weekend, but I surprisingly have Easter Monday off so what better time could it be to give my thoughts on Lordi's new album Sexorcism now that more details are available? Other fans, including my good friend overseas, have already posted their thoughts, so… Continue reading The Road to Sexorcism Era