Little Dragon, Big Heart

Can you believe it’s happening guys? I can’t believe it!

Photo credit: Gamespot.com

For those of you who know me well, Spyro is one of my favourite dragons since childhood. There were rumors floating around as well as some fan-made videos and art, and I prefer to keep quiet about it here until I know it’s official.

Now it is, the original Spyro trilogy is being remastered and is set to release on September 21st this year for PS4 and Xbox One. My inner child is screaming with excitement!

As you can see from above, that is Spyro’s new look for this trilogy remake. He looks really good and is a lot more purple than before! There are a few minor changes to him but I’m not one of those nitpicky gamers who lets insignificant details with graphics turn me off.

Activision understands how precious this trilogy is to many fans, so it appears they are making changes but still staying true to the original. Although this news was announced on Friday, I didn’t notice until this morning. From what I’ve seen: the graphics are greatly improved and I look forward to trailers being released. (if those are already out please send them to me!) The original voice actor will be reprising his role as Spyro and the OST will also be tweaked a bit, but I hope they don’t remix it too much.

I mainly grew up watching my brother play the games the most before I got serious about playing them myself. As I watched him, I could constantly analyze everything in the game from location of gems, to how tasks could be completed. I also watched a lot of Let’s Play videos, most notably from one of my favourite YouTube gamers Skyhurricane. I never beat the games myself, but came really close to before getting sidetracked with other things. This time, I definitely intend to finish them!

So, the question is: should I get it for Xbox One or PS4? We have both consoles, but I already have an account on Xbox, so it could make one less step to worry about towards feeding my nostalgia. However, it could also be good to get on PS4, Spyro has always been a PS exclusive until now. It may be easier for me to remember the controls as well. I’m on neutral ground in the console wars and not too picky over things between them, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

I’ll likely be busy again by the time it releases, so I’m not going to pre-order. Games always have issues around the time they first come out, so I may wait a month or so. But, when I get a chance to play them, I would love to review each game and share my childhood memories in each article!

For now, I can’t wait for this to be released, I would list what I’m looking forward to seeing but that would make this article incredibly long, so I’ll leave it as, I’m looking forward to everything!

Ah the details! Photo credit: TheNews.com


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