Sexorcism Era Masks – Detailed Review

As promised, I was going to wait until we received more pictures of Lordi’s new look so I could talk about them in a little more detail.

Now, we’ve got them, and the close-ups look great, so here we go:


Hell on Hooves for sure! OX has definitely been outdone for this era. Some of us are comparing him to Krampus or the devil himself. I love his horns; they kind of have a resemblance to a Qunari and I think these are closer to perfect than ever. The dreadlocks are still there but look even better now that they’ve got skulls on them. Makes him look like he has pigtails almost!

Making him red this time was a bold move of Mr. Lordi when he was designing the costumes. Now OX truly looks like the Hellbull! The fur is also a staple part of his look, even though he’s had it before, I like it more than previous eras. It would be a killer to see him live like this.


Our ancient assassin. I felt like not much about Amen had changed until I got a better look. The shape of the torn flesh where is teeth are revealed look like the same shape from Monstereophonic, but that has grown on me. His ribs look very detailed and appear to be protruding. It’s like that part of his body is decomposing to a point where the bones stick out through the flesh.

My other favourite feature is the Ankh necklace. In the Deadache era, Amen would sometimes wear a pharaoh’s crown on stage and he had Egyptian writings on his belt. I like how he at least sticks to something from that civilization, being a mummy and all. He’s always Amen to me.


The beautiful Scarbie. Hella was also outshining the others. I love her hair, it definitely reminds me of some of the Barbie dolls I had, but, I am living for her makeup even more. Her lipstick and eyeshadow are gorgeous and the bright pink and blue colours of her eyes are also pretty. The choker combined with the corset top make her look naughty in a way. I’m suddenly reminded of the girl from The Riff video; a music video that I initially disliked at first.

She’s also got baby doll heads on her boobs, which are creepy, and I also like the cuff bracelets. She’s definitely a lot more sexual than before, and that’s one of the criticisms fans are giving. I don’t have an issue with it. Hella’s always been like that to me, and she looks lovely.


Mana was the one I was the most skeptical about. He’s still our Minister of Sinister, and sometimes I forget what he’s supposed to be! No matter. It seems that his hair gets tied back with every other era, and this time it looks like he has a helmet on with a long ponytail that goes through it. The usage of the chain on his face along with the bigger bug jaws are way different this time, but I am liking it so far.

One thing I really do like is the raven on his chest (or is it a crow?). What’s funny is that some fans thought that he had boobs now because of it! It didn’t look like that to me, but given that, it’s like he’s also a maester from Game of Thrones. Maybe he’ll start sending ravens to us fans!

Mr. Lordi

Last but not least, the Biomechanic Man himself! Of course, in summary I always say that Mr. Lordi looks great no matter what, which is true! The first instant turn-on was definitely the loads of spikes all over his outfit. He truly outdid himself for this era with them! I like also how he has been sticking to adding the fangs to his teeth since TBONTB because that really suits him, especially since he’s mentioned in interviews he did that once as a child to make himself Dracula.

The second thing that was love at first sight, was the eyeball necklace. It totally stands out from all those spikes, and it’s all bloodied like they were all recently ripped from their sockets, now he can look at us with six eyes! I wonder what design is on the back of his cape this time; last time it was his face, and before that it was always the logo. Now it feels like his hands are both different from now on since the last era, I mean, who says everything has to match, even if this is not a split record this time? He looks beautiful from head to toe and definitely not untouchable!

And that’s my spiel on Lordi’s new era in detail, now, we just have to play the waiting game for the new album, and hopefully a tour here as well. I won’t go into tour stuff yet, but as long as I don’t have to wait as long for them to return as I did last time. For now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a single!


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