Corrupt Knight-Commander

Good evening,

I finally was able to get back into it after taking a week-long break to focus on other commitments. You know, I feel like part of me almost didn’t want to complete Dragon Age II, because I didn’t feel engaged with it as I did as with the other two games. It wasn’t as difficult to complete, but what motivated me to keep playing, was to complete the trilogy, and fill in the gaps of the story that I wanted to learn which came before Inquisition.

Let me just say in short summary, we have a madwoman.

I’ve written little things about the Arishok as I progressed, but everything about Meredith and the rest of the game will be in my review which I will start writing ASAP before things get too tight from the last few weeks of the semester.

In summary, I can tell you for now that this game was a little difficult to follow with some moments that had me like “What? That makes no sense,” and I wasn’t fond of all the companions. I just went with the flow not wanting anything too specific to happen….. well, except for one part which I will reveal later, but Meredith is a mean bitch and Orsino is a little strange.

I don’t know why this game gets hated, scratch that, I don’t want to know because I’m done dealing with and looking at the bullshit of negativity that any BioWare game gets; whether it’s a mountain out of a molehill, or a legit mountain. That being said, it’s not entirely bad. I don’t think it was as good as the other two games, but I still liked it to some extent. There were still, however some flaws I will mention in my review, but none of them prompted me to hate.

Anyway, I’ll leave it as that because Maker knows I’ll have to get my review started. It’ll be in the same format as usual, but I’ll have to divide things up per act when it comes to the moments and the story. This is where the fun begins.


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