Doom Upon All The World

I had to postpone writing this dream until after my exam, so this is actually Monday night’s dream! Still worth writing about and the only thing that has helped me remember it is the Elder One’s theme and Diana fighting alongside of the Dragon Master in a purple stormy sky with strong winds at a military base.

That’s just a short summary. Now that my one and only exam as done, I need some time to recharge my batteries before vacation and before I put my career plan into action.

You guessed it, this is another dream about Corypheus,

Do you know how hard it is to find a good GIF?

It started when I was at my family’s cottage up North and the deck was much bigger than it normally was. The sun was about to set and we were all sitting outside watching it. I was hovering around in dragon wings just watching and waiting for any strike from enemies. This being if my dream superhero identity was real of course so no I am not delusional, this is just imaginary stuff I write for my own pleasure.

My mom told me to stop worrying, but I could not help but do so anyway. Then, that was when something odd happened. The sky turned a deep violet and I could hear the sound of a dragon roaring. It could be no other than the one that Corypheus had tamed: the one we all thought was an Archdemon when it wasn’t.

“Get inside the house, Corypheus is going to attack! I will keep him distracted!” I said, and then took off into the sky and flew towards the West. Then, with luck, I could hear the dragon’s wings beating from behind me. You can imagine Corypheus’s theme playing as you read this, because I can!

Eventually, I came to what looked like a futuristic city where I landed and ran down the street looking for someone and it turns out my good fictional friend in this dream is:

That’s right, it’s Diana. (note to self: watch Justice League this week) apparently in this dream the Wonder Woman and Dragon Master defended the Earth together and Corypheus was one of my enemies working for Naga. She was practicing in one of the courtyards and saw me fly in. Almost immediately she drew her shield and lasso asking me what was going on. I told her Corypheus was after me and I had to lure him to a suitable place to fight him where there would be no civilian casualties.

She agreed to help and we proceeded further into the city and entered a military base. By now, now the sky had become bright purple and lightning struck as the clouds were spinning. (I don’t know why the sky was purple, this is just what I remember). I figured we were going to get either a tornado or he was going to try and open the Breach; maybe the Fade is connected to our world too, not just Thedas!

We told the General of our plan to knock Corypheus and his dragon into the airfield where he would be far from doing civilian harm and we would fight him there. The dragon came into view and spat red sparks that broke the glass sending many soldiers to the ground. Diana and I combined our powers to push him out into the runway.

By the time he was right where we needed him to be, we rushed out to confront him.

You will kneel

You can imagine he was already there waiting for us; however not with that orb. I don’t remember much of the fight, but he was using magic, I was flying over breathing fire and sometimes coming to the ground to use my wrist blades, Diana tried to restrain him with her lasso and used her gauntlets to block his attacks and even send them back towards him.

This dream is definitely a reminder that I need to finish my Dragon Age II review since I put it on hold due to finals. I’ll continue immediately, but this dream was just too awesome to not share.



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