Heart of the Many

Well, one DLC down already! There is only two of them after all that were left after completing the main storyline.

I decided to start with Mark of the Assassin. It was surprisingly quite short that I completed it in less than a couple of hours.

So, remember when I mentioned in the main game review about a companion named Tallis that I never met? Well, this is where we meet her!

I feel like this DLC’s story is meant to take place after the events of Act II, even though you can start it at any point in the game. We meet Tallis in hightown and night and she wants us to help her steal a jewel known as the Heart of the Many from the hands of Duke Prosper from Orlais.

That’s right, we’re going to Orlais for this! One thing I’ve always liked about this part of Thedas is how elegant everything is; even a knight’s armor. I still don’t understand why they all wear masks, but I guess it still adds to what makes everything…… elegant. 

Anyway, Tallis, she’s pretty cool, and clearly has a way of seducing people as she serves as a temporary romance option. I didn’t pursue this with her, but I’ll get into the rest about her in just a moment.

To me, this DLC breezed by so quickly due to me not bothering with too many of the side quests in the hunting grounds. I just went to kill the wyvern and Baron Arlange just has to accuse me of stealing the kill. Look pal, I got there first and had it fair and square so let it go…. let it go…..

Once at the duke’s party, it felt like a mini-Winter Palace ball just without the court approval. It isn’t much, but I was happy to see Leliana there, and depending on where in the main storyline that you play this DLC, impacts what everyone was talking about. Nobody said a word about the mage-templar war starting, but there was a lot of chatter about my confrontation with the Arishok.

Normally, I’m the direct-approach kind of person when it comes to dealing with guards, but just for fun I tried to sneak past them this time. Tallis reveals she is a Ben-Hassrath agent for the Qunari who hoped to stop her former mentor turned Tal-Vashoth from sharing Qunari secrets to Orlais. Despite lying to me, I decided to help Tallis anyway and we snagged ourselves some rare goodies from the vaults before escaping the palace.

Duke Prosper proved himself a skilled fighter with his pet wyvern and ultimately reached his end falling from the cliff. I now begin to wonder if this means war with Orlais. We still got our jewel in the end but that was the last we ever saw of Tallis.

So yeah, that was a pretty short but interesting DLC, I’m glad I invested in the treasure and I can’t tell you how excited I am to play the next one. You’ll find out why when I write about it!


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