Chains, Whips, and Blood

Long time no see, ah now I have to write another Lordi ramble about what the band has been up to. I do try to do this every time because I love writing about anything Lordi.

Due to some unexpected changes this week, I didn’t pay as much attention other than the pictures that were posted each day counting down. But, I knew a music video was coming, and this time it’s another single: Naked in my Cellar.

In short regarding the song, it’s decent, I don’t like it as much as Your Tongue’s Got the Cat, but it might grow on me overtime when the album comes out.

So, the music video. I think it’s a slight improvement than the one from the previous era. We have this lovely girl dreaming and then she finds herself trapped in a cage in a cellar and each of the Lordi monsters are playing BDSM with her. I guess it goes and shows behind every sweet girl is dirty thoughts and dreams like this one….. unless she’s not into that stuff and therefore it’s a nightmare she’s having!

Of course, she wasn’t completely naked which doesn’t surprise me because the same thing happened when they tried to do that with the girl from The Riff. I think a common misconception the video will get is to some it might be promoting sexual violence against women. I may be a feminist, but I’m not one of those extremely sensitive ones, I know Lordi well enough to know that they are not like that: they love women, why do you think every single music video they’ve done has featured one?

The positive note I can give is that I’m glad that the band actually plays a part in the video other than just playing the song, even if they’re doing something sexual, and to be honest, it doesn’t bother me that much anymore that that is what they’re doing. I think it’s because Lordi’s lyrics have always been suggestive and now they’re doing a music video to match it. It’s still got a little bit of horror to it but not as much as I would like it to be.

Okay, well being sexually dominated by a monster could classify as horror to some extent, but I’m trying not to let nostalgia cloud my judgement so I can share my thoughts openly and not be overly negative.

So, over all, the song isn’t that bad and the video depicts exactly what it’s about. I don’t love it, but I certainly don’t hate it, and I will say that it is slightly better than Hug You Hardcore. At this point I’m not really complaining anymore that it’s more sexual because I gotta face reality, Lordi has always been making songs like this, and I’ve loved them either way. The only difference now is they’re able to increase the brutality and get a lot more graphic, who knows why? Maybe AFM isn’t very strict with filming, or Mr. Lordi was sick of not being able to call the shots and demanded he take charge.

I would tell you the parts in this video where I pretend I’m that girl but if it’s overly sexual, I prefer to save such thoughts for somewhere a little more private.

Anyway, yeah that’s my spiel on the music video, it’s not exactly what I wanted but it’s definitely not unexpected.


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