Far Far Range

When my life is tough, I like to rely on some aromatherapy to calm myself down, but I’ve recently found another excellent stress reliever, and a cute one too!

Sometime last month, I logged onto Steam and it was time for another sale just before Easter and there was one game on sale called Slime Rancher that caught my eye. I think it was the cute faces of those slimes, so I watched a couple of videos and bought it.

I definitely don’t regret it taking the chance.

Seriously, Slime Rancher is the most adorable game I’ve ever played since my days being addicted to the Kirby franchise. All those cute little slimes bouncing around and making cute noises is enough to lure you in with no turning back.

You play as Beatrix who has come to the Far Far Range to start a new life by making a living raising slimes. All you have to do is build your ranch, catch some slimes, feed them, and make money with the plorts they produce. It feels like I’m playing those simulation games all over again like Farmville, but without game time connected to real time and micro-transactions.

There’s also a vast world for you to explore and discover new slimes so how you play is entirely up to you. Right now, I’ve got two areas of the ranch full of different slimes and I try to mix things up a little; however you gotta be careful with breeding because you don’t want to get a tarr outbreak on your ranch!

I have also found this game great for relieving stress. I would sometimes come home after a long day and sit down to play this and it would instantly calm me down: it’s the cuteness, colourful graphics and environment, and even the music is relaxing. It’s enough to put a smile on your face again.

My favourite slime is the tabby slime, it has such a cute face and I love how it playfully pounces on you when you get close to it. They’re tricky to feed being carnivores but, mix them with a slime that has a different diet and that becomes easier.

I can’t get enough of this I wish I had these slimes in real life, but the closest you can get is little plushies so maybe a little plush slime on my desk will suffice. This game is so cute, I’m glad I got into it, and now I want to play some more after writing this.


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