Betrothal Going Under

I’d like to think of this dream as a continuation of the Golden Fortress even if it didn’t leave off directly taking Chaor’s hand and following him out of my own cell.

I think that’s because I saw Chaor briefly towards the end of this dream and it’s a short one.

I was standing in the center of a bedroom with two maids who were clearly creatures from the Underworld. I was surprised that Skithia was one of them since she was loyal to Lord Van Bloot, and Takinom was the other. I have both of them in my collection of Chaotic cards, and it apparently says those two are enemies.

Takinom was doing my hair while Skithia did my makeup. At one point Takinom started talking about how she knew I was nervous because I apparently did not ask to be betrothed to anyone since I never met him. It shows that nobody likes an arranged marriage….. unless you’re that rare type of person who will give it a chance and perhaps come to like your partner over time like Cateyln and Ned did.

But, if you were betrothed to someone, don’t you think it’s wise for you to meet them in advance? Clearly not. Then, Takinom went to fetch my dress which looked just like the one Liv wears in Bride Wars and helped me into it. Skithia put on my veil and handed me my bouquet. Agitos knocked on the door telling us it was time to begin the ceremony. He asked me if I was nervous and I told him once how marrying a human to their leader I had never met until now would help in the war against the Overworld. All he said was that they needed all the allies they could get, including the Dragon Master. (funny, I just realized that Takinom was another inspiration for the creation of my character)

He led me down the castle’s corridor and then to the throne room, and all the creatures of the Underworld city rose in my presence and I was right, waiting at the altar was Chaor. He wasn’t even dressed for the occasion. He just stood there looking at me like this:

I gulped and walked towards him clutching my bouquet just knowing he had plans for me that weren’t going to be pleasuring. 

By the time I reached the altar and looked into his eyes, I woke up. 

I have to try really hard not to have any other tabs open when I write these dream articles because I feel it diminishes my creativity when I take what I remember from the dream and add to it, even if I have to force myself to do so.  

Being betrothed to Chaor would be anyone’s worst nightmare, but to me it’s the perfect Beauty and the Beast story!  


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