Demons Are My Best Friend

Ever since Powerwolf had posted names of the songs daily for their upcoming album The Sacrament of Sin. I was desperate to find out which one would be released as the first single.

After being preoccupied with Lordi, I came back to the pack’s den to learn of the first single’s release.

Of course, not much has changed, this still sounds like Powerwolf’s typical sound to me. So regarding the song, it sounds rather good,

So, about the video, this is definitely not what I’m used to seeing from the band. They don’t have a lot of music videos, but it isn’t the first one that I have seen that featured a girl or a group of them.

We only see Falk and Attila in this one and mainly Attila approaching a group of ladies dressed as nuns, and eventually they shed their clothes and swarm him like groupies.

Like I said, not what I’m used to seeing but it’s a pretty accurate representation of the song! Although I’m always skeptical and try not to let my inner-feminist interfere with my ability to enjoy such videos. Might as well get used to it because just about every metal band I listen to will be doing this from now on, it’s what gets views right? Even if I am against and would rather focus on something that puts quality in a video rather than what will sell the most, this is the reality here.

Still a solid music video though, and the album’s not due until July so I’m still waiting here. In the meantime, I should probably turn my focus to Ghost’s new album which is out soon.

Demons are definitely my best friend, screw diamonds!! Actually….. if the demons and diamonds are together then that would be perfect!


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