Leaving the Cat and Man to Dance for Victory – Music of May 2018

Hello hello hello, how I miss this so much! I was all ready to do you last month’s edition but some problems came up at the last minute that I had to take care of. I was in a bad mental state unable to write my songs of April so now you’ll get them for May instead!

Luckily, bumping this to May has given me a chance to reflect on my original choices and there have been some new songs out recently that I can use to this month!

So, let’s move pyjak.

5. Mass Effect 3 OST – Leaving Earth

Starting with this, because firstly: I am doing another Mass Effect run and at this moment I am reprising the Shepard I started with on my very first playthrough, and then after that I will start experimenting: not just with military specializations but romance, looks, and choices.

This beautiful and powerful piano music gets me every time when I leave Earth in the game, I want to learn how to play it.

Not only does it represent leaving Earth as the Reapers begin to annihilate everything, but also the sign feels like you leave something behind and go onto something new. That’s how I felt upon completing my studies, leaving behind the world of school and soon entering my profession which will also be a long journey. It was a long journey for Shepard to get their resources and alliances to unite the galaxy against the Reapers. It seemed the heart of the Reaper invasion lay at Earth but Shepard had to help other worlds from the Reapers before the other species could help them take back Earth.

It’s a significant change in anyone’s life no matter what it is and I’ve never been great at dealing with any life transitions. I remember being desperate to complete my studies when the strike happened, but now that it’s actually happening, I find myself afraid, just like when Shepard left Earth.

4. Lordi – Your Tongue’s Got the Cat

With Lordi’s new album out, I just gotta do one of their songs. So, I decided to go with the very first single that came out. Maker, this is the third time I am writing about this song, so what is there left to say anyway? It’s catchy, melodic, and the softest of all the songs on the album. I’m glad it lived up to my expectations (which aren’t many!) so it’s on repeat for me.

I don’t think of anything yet, but I know I’m going to sing like “Heeellll stole my babyyyy!!!” that’s me in the crowd again next time Lordi is here.

3. Rihanna – Man Down

This song has been in and out of my head for the rest of the month since I got back home from vacation. I’ve been listening to RiRi since my teen years and I still have very fond memories with the album Loud when I got it for Christmas one year. I’ve had much respect for RiRi as an artist: she thinks about everyone like when she launched Fenty Beauty she wanted to appeal to every skin tone, and I don’t know why, but her voice has a lot of power in it. She hasn’t released anything recently that I like since this album but still, you get it right?

So, this song, I didn’t like it completely but it has grown on me, and only now do I understand the story of the music video. RiRi shot that man for him nearly sexually assaulting her the other day, or so it seems. I’m not gonna say more after that because it’s just going to start a heated debate.

2. Ghost – Dance Macabre

With Prequelle just around the corner, I remember this song hit me by surprise. I opened Instagram one morning while enjoying my tea, and I make it a ritual (well….. sort of) to check the stories and Ghost put up one of different musicians, actors, and other popular figures listening to this song in 10 second video portions. Almost instantly as I watched and listened, I was already hooked onto the riff and lyrics. It wasn’t long before I wanted to get up and dance before proceeding to play it on repeat. This song is epic and Ghost just keeps getting better.

The only people I recognized in this video was Kirk and Phil despite me not an avid Metallica or Pantera listener, but this is a song I definitely have to hear live next time Ghost is here. It’ll be hard for me to stand still, I’ll be singing and dancing from start to finish.

1. Iced Earth – V

I’ve been saving this song for this particular occasion. You may not already know, but it’s official. I am graduating and am one step closer to becoming a pharmacy technician. This song has always had a victorious feel to it whenever I listen to it. Even though it’s actually about the events in the movie V for Vendetta, (which is a great film by the way), I still get this sense of accomplishment inside of me. This is my favourite Iced Earth song ever and the solo is killer. It’s also probably the only Iced Earth song I can sing by heart at this moment. I don’t care, I’m going to sing it at my grad ceremony in June.

And those are this month’s songs, bumped from April. I don’t want to talk shop but I do have something that may be going on this summer that will get me started in turning the page, that’s all I want to say though since the subject makes me anxious easily. Until I adjust and recharge fully will I be a bit more open about it! I think for now, it’s time for another Reaper-killing frenzy!


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