Bumblebee Trailer Reaction

Hi hi everyone, or should I say: Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

I’ve been in the dark about anything Transformers for almost two years for personal reasons, not just the fact that I was dissatisfied with the direction Bay had taken things, therefore my only comfort was the video games I owned on Steam (which I thankfully still have after Activision pulled them from the markets), and my box of Transformers Prime DVDs.

But now, I think I might just be making a comeback when this dropped.

I knew that Bumblebee, one of the most beloved Autobots of all, would be getting his own movie after Bay made his last film for the franchise. I was willing to give it a chance because I think the only thing that could save it was a reboot, and plus despite the recent disappointment, I still love my robots in disguise dearly.

So, here are my reactions to the trailer itself.

I heard references to the 2007 Transformers film when Sam Witwicky picked out Bee. Only this time, it’s an unnamed female, played by Hailee Steinfield who takes him home. Not even going to bother looking at comments for whining misogynists upset that it’s not Sam. Shhh…. let people enjoy things. So, it looks to me that our lead female for this film will be better: she’ll actually play a part instead of serving as eye candy and hopefully have a better personality than Sam.

As for Bee himself, he looks exceedingly cute and a lot smaller than in the Bay films. There are still some features of his appearance that relate to his looks in those movies, however, what pleases me is they decided to make Bee more like he was in the original G1 Transformers. The car he turns into is a vintage VW Beetle which is what he was meant to be in the G1 series. Although his transformation has many moving parts, his robot form also has less pieces to it if you know what I mean. That makes him sturdier like he packs a punch, even if he can’t really talk, he’s still a badass.

I never had a problem with the designs in the Bay films, except for the fact that they were easily breakable. *cough* Megatron rips Jazz in half without any effort *cough*

I also caught a brief glimpse of what looks like Starscream so hopefully I’m right about that, and then there were some military guys too only shown for a brief second. I just hope their role in this movie isn’t as huge as it was in the Bay films.

Over all, it looks like Bee will build a deep connection with the girl, that scene where they hug got me right in the heart. I truly hope this movie does well after the disasters that were Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction that led to me skipping The Last Knight.

Closing this off, some of you might ask, am I upset that Optimus won’t be in this? (I could be wrong since this is the very first footage of the movie released and there will be more to come) The answer is no, I’m not upset. As much as I would love to see him rebooted with hopefully his compassionate personality that I love, I can do without it for this film. I would rather see no Optimus at all in a Transformers film than have one where he is a ruthless killing machine. It may take time for him to be restored like this as well. So, if that means directors will have to spend a year or so doing their homework on what Optimus is like, then so be it, I can wait. Waiting for something good to be released is better than pumping out a movie as fast you can to earn more money only for it to disappoint me because you did something wrong in my eyes.

Anyway yeah, I’m definitely going to see this, it’s been forever since I’ve seen or done anything Transformers and this will perhaps resurface my long lost love because I don’t abandon franchises that quickly just because there were a few mishaps.

So, bring on Bumblebee!


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