Uh-Oh More Aliens

I’m having so many dreams about aliens lately. Not just any aliens but THE Alien.

That’s what I get for playing a lot of Alien: Isolation since last week. I literally finished up my Mass Effect run the day before grad and started up Isolation.

I told myself I wasn’t going to pick it up again because I’m not the stealthy type, but I did and made it as far as trying to reach APOLLO core. I can handle the Alien, it’s the android I hate.

After spending two hours trying to evade the Alien in the hospital to get back to that cowardly doctor, I had a dream about it.

I walking slowly and crawling under the gurneys at every sound. There were several moments where the Alien almost found me. Like the time I crouched between two chairs without moving and it walked past me twice and didn’t see me.

Then there was the time I hid in a patient’s room and curled in the corner. I disabled the air purification to make it harder for the Alien to detect me. It came right into the room and looked around briefly before walking back out. I felt like I had to hold my breath and be a statue for it not to see me.

Still the most terrifying part of that game. Honestly, why should we have to deal with Working Joes? Maybe that’s why my stealth ability was off after the Alien got jettisoned into space, cause now we got these bastards and limited ammo to kill them if we please.

I’m not looking forward to navigating the core area of APOLLO due to not only not having my weapons, but also suited androids and likely not enough stuff to distract them without messing up.

Then, last night I remember being in the halls of my high school where the aliens were killing everyone. I could have sworn I saw a girl’s face ripped off by one of the aliens with it’s two layers of teeth. The very last thing you’ll see is it opening and the inner layer extends out.

Then I was standing in our kitchen at home covering my nose and mouth when I heard the sound of facehuggers scampering in the living room. A doctor was with me holding a gun hoping to shoot it. Eventually, one of them latched forward only to be hit by the bullet, it wiggled around on the floor and I assumed it was still alive.

You know, nobody should have been present with me at that part. It would have been even more terrifying!

But yeah, those are my Alien dream snippets for the day. Scary but fun to write about no matter how much detail is lacking.


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