Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan

It’s clear to me that I must have at least one dream about each of my Qunari crushes because the Maker knows I have a weakness for Qunari!

The truth is I have a lot of Qunari dreams, but only a few of them make it to this blog. The rest of them go to either the more private diaries, shared with friends only, or just remain in my mind with myself alone. It all depends on the content.

This dream reminded me of the time I imagined my Dragon Master self away on Par Vollen while I was down in Punta Cana for the week after my semester ended. You’ve read my dreams on the Iron Bull and Sten, so what about the Arishok?

Why didn’t his hair look like that in the game? šŸ˜

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream about him, but this is the first time I’m writing about it.

I once imagined scene after a few days the negotiations of alliance between humans and Qunari has gone nowhere and I resort to retire to the local bar for the night. I am frustrated at my attempts to get the Arishok to understand the threat [Naga] at stake. The bartender advises me to take to the stage where the bards are performing and vent it out.

I donned Antaam Saar armor and stepped onto the stage. I started to sing Ignorance by Paramore, and coincidentally, the Arishok walks in with two Qunari bodyguards. I point at him as I sing the chorus when I meant to point at the audience. He just sat there watching me, his eyes glaring until I finished the song.

Looking at me with that face on the entire time.

I stepped off the stage and tried to ignore his gaze, deciding now was the time to get some rest. He didn’t seem like the type who would want to share drinks with him so I decided to just sleep and forget about it.

But then, as I headed to the door to my room someone’s hand came up against the wall blocking my path. I turned and look to see it was the Arishok, alone. My heart thudded; he was always accompanied by his fellow Qunari and preferred to let them do all the work. I asked him what he wanted and he said

You openly express your vexation for me in such a foolish way? That is admirable. While I do not like it, it is still a way you as not part of the Qun, that you want nothing more but my attention.

I asked him how that was and he went on about how in my previous meetings with him and the Qunari for the past few days of understanding and showing respect for the principles of the Qun, even if I did not agree with them. He then called me basalit-an, and I felt his free hand on my waist. I asked him where his other guards were and why he really had come to bother me.

He then said:

A voice like yours reminds me of someone I used to call, kadan.

he then pushed the door open behind me and then everything went black where I woke up from that dream.

You know, the moment I first declared that I found the Arishok attractive, one of my friends admitted she liked him too and I felt like I could be a lot more open with my thing for the horned giants.

And I’m pretty much looking for excuses now to write about anything at this point due to my anxiety building up excessively at this moment. I should start writing songs for Bull, Sten, and the Arishok!


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