Summer’s Wrath on Wings to Rewrite the Steps – Music of June 2018

I feel uptight on Saturday night as it’s the end of the month and it’s time to give you my month in music again.

Due to me not going out much these days, I haven’t been listening to a lot. You know, I’m still in that phase post-grad where you have to get yourself started but I’ll make it. This month is interesting because it consists of a lot of different genres. So this month, you get the pleasure of seeing my music taste expanded even more.

5. Antonio Vivaldi – Summer

Took me a while to find the right video for this, but yeah it makes perfect sense because summer is now here! I’ve loved classical music since elementary school when I had to take all those music classes that involved listening to different pieces and learning about some of the most famous composers from the past.

I listened to all four seasons written by Vivaldi, and this one sits in the middle in terms of favourites. Coincidentally, that’s how I feel about summer as a season. All I can think of is a beautiful field of flowers that bloom in the summer months. There would also be lots of fruit trees too. You know, now that I think about it, you know how it goes slow sometimes and then suddenly it becomes fast. To me, it’s all about how summer can be calm one minute and then energetic the most. There’s a certain part of it that sounds like your summer thunderstorm (especially at the 9-minute mark) and then one that’s just a nice hot sunny day. Classical music can really absorb you and I’m not afraid to admit I enjoy listening to it when I’m not in the mood for metal.

4. Trevor Morris – The Wrath of Heaven

That’s right, completely necessary because I’ve started playing Inquisition again as a Dalish elf who’s an archer that’ll be dating Blackwall. So, why not commemorate by adding this score? This is still one of the best game OST’s I’ve ever heard and this particular track plays during the game’s prologue. I remember hearing it for the first time and thought it sounded epic, then I bought the soundtrack but I feel like I never came to truly appreciate it until I heard it in-game.

When you play through the first time, you’re just focused on learning the controls and taking in the story, but the second time you might pay attention to other things like the music. That’s what happened with me and now this is one of my favourite tracks. I can think of myself fighting demons as the Breach looms ahead before I stop it from growing.

3. Mighty Wings [Instrumental]

Normally, I only posts videos from “official” accounts, but this time I will make an exception. You’re probably going to ask, why did I not just post the song by Cheap Trick? Here’s why, because I actually like the instrumental over the vocals in the song. Shocker. How many of you have watched Top Gun and during that dogfight with Jester, you heard this playing, and you liked it? Since I first heard it, I longed to find that melody on its own, so my hat’s off to who did this fan-made upload. YouTube please don’t take it down! It brings joy to so many fans like myself!

The music in this is absolutely epic and I got exactly what I came for after searching for this for years. It’s easy to picture yourself soaring in a fighter jet when you listen to this, unless you’re like me and see yourself soaring with a pair of dragon wings that sprouted out of your back! Those kinds of wings can be mighty too!

2. Zac Efron and Zendaya – Rewrite the Stars

Earlier this month, I watched The Greatest Showman recommended to me by a good friend. The story could use some more development, but what will dazzle you enough to watch it again regardless is the music. This one is my favourite songs. Phillip is attracted to Anne who is a trapeze artist and they sing this together where he admits his feelings for her. She feels the same way but turns him down. They eventually get together towards the end of the movie.

My own connection to it relates to one of my fictional crushes that he [Brayden] did not know about until today. That fictional crush is Adrien Victus, the Primarch of Palaven from the third Mass Effect game. I developed an attraction to him so fast that I didn’t know what made it happen, but yeah I like him. When I hear this song, I imagine a story where I visit Palaven to negotiate an alliance between my people and his. We become attracted to each other but due to all the political barriers, we can’t be together. That is, until we sing this song together in one of Palaven’s karaoke bars and decide we want each other enough to defy the other leaders! Now I imagine when turians sing they must produce some melody but still have the flanging in their voices!

1. Jordin Sparks – One Step at a Time

This song I was never actually listening to, but it was always playing in my mind whenever thought about or started to enact on my post-grad plan. I would constantly stress about all the things I had to do now to achieve my career goal, but my dad would always tell me not to think too far ahead and take it one step at a time. This song would then play in my head whenever I heard those words from him as it describes the situation perfectly.

It’s normal to think ahead a little when you have a plan because sometimes the steps ahead have to be prepared in advance: for example in my profession, there’s a licensing exam and the application deadline is three months before the time it is offered. Therefore, of course I think ahead a little as to when I should apply for the upcoming one, or if it’s better to wait until I know for certain that I’m ready, even if it means doing it at a different time while getting some more work experience. Nothing wrong with thinking that way, as long as you don’t lose sight of the current task at hand, and right now that current task for me is to find an internship. Sometimes you have to multitask and sometimes you have to do one thing at a time. It all depends what has to be done, and for me, taking it one step at a time, if possible, keeps the anxiety low.

And those are the songs for June. This month was very eventful. I graduated from my program which is obviously the biggest highlight. I also went to Ripley’s Aquarium which was a lot of fun; I love fish! Got to touch a cow-nose ray and watch sharks swim over my head!

Tomorrow is Canada day and who knows what July will bring, I just have to focus on enjoying my long weekend.


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