Sweet Dreams 151

It’s Canada Day today! Our nation is now 151 years old!

What better way to start it off with stories?

This is by far, the latest I’ve ever slept. I’ve always been an early riser but today turned out different. I think it was due to all those weird dreams I had last night and the desire to have just one more before waking up!

In the first one, Mr. Lordi was doing an interview in a hotel lobby. I recognized it as the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto. Fun fact: my Nana used to work as a maid there.

Anyway, I had just checked in but the moment I saw him, I dropped my luggage and watched from afar as he talked about why he was in Toronto. He said something about being part of an international horror movie museum and the curator wanted a statue of him in the European horror exhibit.

I stood leaning on the nearby pillar waiting for them to finish and just casually approached him once the interview ended. He noticed the Lordi necklace around my neck (I don’t have one in real life but I might just make a 3D-printed one!) and then we started talking for a bit. He was asking me more questions than I was and when the manager told him they had to go. I quickly wrapped up the conversation by telling him well….you know, what I’ve always wanted to say to him: how much he inspires me and then we hugged. I watched him leave and skipped happily to the front desk to check into my room.

That is the first time I have had a dream about that scenario in full detail, even if it’s not in a concert venue! You know what they say, dreaming about something you really want to happen makes you feel like the chances of it happening someday are increased. I feel it’s going to happen someday and dreaming about it boosts my hopes.

The other dream I had was at the valley in the center of all those hills in my town that lead up to the train station was flooded from the river. I had to choose between saving three people and to my shock they were Cullen, Josephine, and Blackwall! It was a tough choice: Cullen is practically the main heartthrob among female DA fans, Josie well…..she’s Josie, and I feel like Blackwall doesn’t get enough love.

It should have been Leliana instead of Blackwall and then you’ve got your three advisers from DAI! I don’t know who I ended up saving though because after that I was just in a deep sleep until nine in the morning.

Since it’s scorching hot outside, I’m not going anywhere today, but I AM going swimming! Hopefully it’ll be a BBQ dinner tonight along with caesar salad. Happy Canada Day everyone!


PS: If you had to choose in that second dream, who would you save?

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