Don’t Get Too Attached

I have to shift my expense priorities once again. How could I forget that excessive shopping spree in the summer of 2015 that went towards those Pandora charms?

Then there was makeup at Sephora, and now I just realized I’ve spent a very large amount on L’Occitane skin care products. A sign that I need a cheaper alternative before it makes me bankrupt.

It’s not that I don’t have the money. But over time, I realize I don’t have enough for something else I may want because I’m spending too much on that particular thing!

I thought about going back to Soap and Glory as late 2017 I was all about their stuff, but now I’m serious about returning to using them. Maybe Bath and Body Works too, but the problem with them is I could get too attached to a particular scent and then suddenly BBW pulls it from the shelf! Oh wait, that already happened.

It was Pink Cashmere. My mom received a bottle of the lotion and I kept stealing it to use on my own skin because I was addicted to the scent. I shouldn’t have waited to buy my own bottle. You never should with BBW, unless it’s one of their top sellers like: Japanese Cherry Blossom, A Thousand Wishes, Warm Vanilla Sugar, or Sweet Pea.

Soap and Glory? Definitely going back but BBW is in question, especially since the closest store is the mall. Do I really want to go all the way there to get my products every time I need to replenish, and once again we are back to what happens if they no longer stock a scent that has become my favourite? Their website doesn’t have a page for Canadians so, in my country you have to pay extra due to conversion of currency from USD to CAD, ugh.

Maybe BBW will just be for the occasional treat to myself when they have a sale or something. Going in there is like the skin care Sephora with addictive scents and so many to suck you in. Like I said, the significant hurdle is the rage when you become too attached to a scent and then it is retired. I want no part of it. There are other scented products I have come to love elsewhere.

Plus, I better start saving money for Fan Expo because both Jason Momoa and Jodi Benson will be there this year and I want photo ops badly! I haven’t decided if I’m pulling out my signature Frollo costume, it’ll depend on the day the guests will be there… well, I guess it couldn’t hurt to approach them in the costume anyway even if they don’t know who I am!

I’m off to help remove the carpets in the bedroom since we have dust mites that need to be eliminated.


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