Gathering Of Glorious Ones

These dragon dreams are enough to put a smile on my face despite the insomnia that may come before it. This one not only presented me as Dragon Master but also the fact that I’m going to have to wait until next year for Game of Thrones, and already I’m experiencing withdrawal.

It was July last year that season 7 aired and without it this year is like a cave with no exit.

I had a dream where after returning from what appeared to be a massive glass ball in space that shot down towards the peak of a mountain. It instead brought me through the snow and into a dark tunnel until light came and I fell through. I got up and then I was standing at the dock of my family’s cottage; no surprise since I’m going there soon. It was a beautiful sunny day and I looked up into the sky to see bird-like specks; however they were not birds as soon as I heard their screeches. I once again chanted that weird combination of words “Dragon Gold Awakening” and upon looking at my shadow I could see the horns growing out of my head and the wings sprouting out of my back.

I ran across the dock and took flight just as my feet reached the edge. The lake was different than I’ve seen it in real life: being much larger with more islands. The other dragons in the sky saw me and began to follow me as I crossed the lake.

On one of the islands, I spotted a baby dragon being threatened by a larger unidentified predator and suddenly flame burst from my mouth, incinerating the creature. The baby dragon squealed, lowering its head to me respectfully as we flew past towards the other side of the lake.

The dream then cut to a wasteland of ashes and fire as I flew over it leading my dragon army. In the background I could hear the music from GOT when Dany rode Drogon for the first time, and soon I heard them as Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal joined us in the sky. Combining our flames, we took down a large dragon robot operated by some sort of half human half unicorn who was hoping to sneak into our cause to online infiltrate from within. That villain clearly didn’t last very long.

My dragons and I soon flew over an island that reminded me of the Dothraki sea before we settled in those hills overlooking the beautiful ocean. My dragons then lay down to rest before preparing to breed and hunt and I was then approached by a large dragon that claimed I saved its life earlier. It was the Thousand Dragon who was just a baby when I came to its aid. Anyone who watches Yugioh should know that one.

I sat on a rock folding my wings watching my dragon army settle into their new home. It’s safe to say now that I was their queen and would watch over them while keeping the peace. Though I did not get a look at all the dragons following me in this dream, I’m pretty sure all my favourites from my top ten list, even the ones that are evil were there along with several random others!

Best way I can close this off is with some Qunlat that describes this dream: Nehraa ataashi! That means “For the glorious ones” or “For the dragons,”



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