Little Chimes Pull Me Under

This is probably the weirdest dream for me to have at a time like this. A time where there’s not much going on right now post-grad, and while I hate that because I get bored easily, I’ve been networking, searching, as well as committing time to old and new hobbies to keep my life as busy as possible until an opportunity comes.

I tend to have the most vivid dreams whenever I do something relaxing before bedtime like read a book. But last night I chose to browse something instead and my brain still managed to throw in something absolutely outrageous.

The first dream was where my dad and I were trying to get on this airplane to travel somewhere and instead of someone at the booth announcing that the plane was now boarding, instead we had to make it on board before the final chime of the clock. The tricky part was to crawl through this tunnel to get there.

Hmm, getting in before the last chime, that reminds me of when Harry and Hermione went back in time to save Sirius and had to return to their present position before the final chime of the clock to make the changes in the past permanent.

The dream then switched to a massive city that was mostly under construction and as I hovered around, there was some two-headed dragon creature in a huge puddle by a house that was still being built. To make matters worse there was a group of evil teddy bears hoping to turn the city into what would resemble that Little People kiddie show or whatever. Their fortress was up in the stratosphere and I had to infiltrate it to stop their plans.

Finally, I was wandering around this city until I came into a resort in a forest that was mostly populated by elderly people. I wandered out the back door and down the steps and came to a forest with a dark river running down serving as a path. There was something suspicious about that river and then I began to take flight and flew slowly following it, but as I looked back at the stairs, there was a redheaded girl staring at me with an evil look.

As I slowly glided over the water, I kept looking down at the massive amount of seaweed beneath and could have sworn I saw something move. I decided it was nothing and kept going until suddenly an unknown force from below the surface pulled me under giving me no time to react.

That should have been when I woke up, but instead I found myself in a green underground fortress populated by darkspawn. They were carrying me to two other prisoners with their arms chained to the ceiling. One of them I recognized as the Iron Bull who got excited as soon as he saw me and the other was Krem, one of the Chargers. I was chained next to them and as Bull tried to whisper me an escape plan, that’s when I woke up.

Another set of strange dreams that I remember vividly. Eventually I could make a living off of sharing strange stories like these!

Let’s see what’s in store tonight!


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