It’s an Origami World

So, I’ve been buying jewelry again and picking it out wisely. I have to say this time I scored something just as unique as my precious Pandora.

It was just another day at the hospital and I was volunteering like I always do because I love helping people. I was heading down to the cafeteria for a short break when I stopped by the small store set up in the hall.

It was an Origami Owl stand and I caved into curiosity and learned that their jewelry consisted of lockets you could insert tiny charms into to tell a story or share what you love. It was too cute so I had to make one myself and managed to get it done in time before my break was over.

Lighting is a bit difficult but I managed to get some charms in there that you can no longer find in most stores. I’ll admit I should have tried to find a bracelet that has a clock in the center so it could be my new everyday watch, but I was too in love with this one with the hearts.

The charms inside are: an emerald heart since it’s my birthstone and I love my birthstone, a cat cause well….. I’m a crazy cat lady, a video game controller for my passion for playing video games, a pink shopping purse for my girlie side, a music note for my love for music (listening to music and playing it), and an I heart Canada text to show I’m proudly Canadian.

It’s so cute having little charms inside a circle to look at it and I love jewelry that tells a story about the wearer. They even have ones specific to certain passions like if you’re a Jays or Harry Potter fan. Hell, they have an entire set of Harry Potter themed charms and lockets!

It’s fun to treat myself and discover these little tidbits.


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