Friends Decode a Cinder on Polterchrist and the Wolves – Music Of July 2018

Yeah, I’m a day late at this. Last night I sat in front of my computer and for some reason it felt like I forgot it was the end of July and that I was supposed to be writing something like I do at the end of every month. But then, I was distracted by the Sims due to Rila Organa becoming an elder so I decided to let her retire and her son Patrick was starting his career as a scientist. I would have made Rila work a little longer until the bar reached 50% towards her time almost being up but there was so much money so there was no need.

So, here was go with another set of songs for this month.

5. Marshmello and Anne Marie – Friends

Heard this on the radio several times and already I find it catchy. You guessed it, this is all about friend-zoning someone who has romantic feelings for you and right now that’s the current situation I’m in. I’m not going to go into the details but I feel like Daenerys Targaryen trying to get this out to Ser Jorah Mormont for the billionth time so they can stop with the flirty messages.

Watch this become everyone’s official friendzone theme when they reach this dilemma. Here’s hoping that none of us have to sing it to the other individual for them to finally get the message, but it’ll certainly be funny to watch someone do so.

4. Paramore – Decode

The first Paramore song that I started to love and have loved since tenth grade. Yes, it’s from Twilight and I did go through a phase of liking that saga where I read all the books and saw the movies after my mom twisted my arm. At least they’re better than the horrible 50 Shades trilogy due to them being more original, and yes I do recognize they do contain some subtle and obvious red flags in a relationship. I don’t like the concept of vampires sparkling and I would like Bella to have more personality and emotion, those are all things I would change. If you’re really curious, if I had to choose between Edward and Jacob, I’d pick Jacob since he’s hotter figuratively and non-figuratively! (Plus Edward is kind of ugly in my opinion)

Anyway, this song actually doesn’t make me think of vampires, instead it makes me think of Naga, because at that time when I was fifteen, was when my Dragon Master fantasy was just beginning. There was just something about this song that made me picture Naga from every scene he had in the anime while I am singing on the square platform at the Spear pillar as purple lightning strikes in the sky. By the time the guitar solo comes, fire envelops the ruin. I still think of that scenery today while other times I might think of myself dressed up as Frollo singing in front of the fire.

3. Epica – Burn to a Cinder

My second favourite song from the DYU album, there aren’t enough Epica songs like this where it focuses more on the melody and Simone’s voice rather than the tempo and Mark’s growls (nothing against you Mark). This one makes me think of myself singing this song while I’m red dress with a flame pattern and I’m standing on a rock platform in a cave surrounded by lava. The lava rises and falls around me and occasionally I take out two silver swords, so yeah I stole this from Tahu.

I was in a nostalgic mood when I first listened to this song and Tahu was the first thing I thought of as it played. Note to self: buy Mask of Light on Amazon soon. I wrote years ago how I wrote a song for him that was based off of a cheesy but catchy song but no this isn’t it. Eventually I will put it up in one of these posts! For now this is the metal version for him and Onua and Lewa get their own theme’s too. (I featured Lewa’s in another post which is actually another Epica song.) But this one is great too and all that comes to mind is fire.

2. Lordi – Polterchrist

Some Lordi should go in here and it feels like only a month ago I picked a song from their new album to celebrate its release at the end of that month. I try not to use too many songs from the same one because I don’t want to run out quickly. I mean, it’s okay to reuse them as I continue to do this feature so why should I worry about that?

Anyway, this was the song that hit me in the face when I listened to it the first time. The catchy choice and adrenaline-inducing chorus is what made me love it. The band claims they love a lot of slasher flicks but in songs like these, I’m seeing more satanic/supernatural themes involving demonic possession. Whatever this Polterchrist is, they’re not messing around and hopefully they’re not associated with Valak!

1. Powerwolf – Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone

The Sacrament of Sin came out only a week ago and I already have my copy of the CD. I spent one night listening to it and this was the song that stood out the most as a ballad. (I’ll probably write a review of it later) It’s so beautiful and we’re all used to their songs opening up with a mixture of strong riffs and organ in the background.

Instead my ears opened to a beautiful melody from a piano. My hat’s off to you Falk for making this give me goosebumps. There was just so many other things I could not fathom aside from that that made me love this song. Maybe because it’s different, it’s not what I’m used to seeing from Powerwolf. In fact, the whole album was full of unexpected surprises that I should cover, so I better get going on that.

Also, I should consider reaching out to agencies and venues here in the GTA to see if they can book Powerwolf. Likely it’ll be at a small venue but that’s okay, as long as the audience doesn’t give me a rough time. I’ve been waiting now four years to see Powerwolf and there hasn’t been any sign of a tour here. I believe they will get here eventually if Lordi did, but who says I can’t try to reach out to make it happen?

And that is the music for July, I’m trucking along slowly as I search for a job and preceptorship. It’s likely things won’t start to amp up until the end of summer so fingers crossed as I keep looking, applying and keep myself busy.


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