Thrilling Dive

By the spirits, there’s only one place that makes me hype for the following summer and that place is Canada’s Wonderland.

I haven’t made any plans to go this year and that’s probably due to there not being anything new, or when you’ve been on almost every ride in the park, you get bored. Not to mention the place is expensive, I never eat any of the food there because of that! Last year my friends and I all brought food so we had a picnic outside the park.

But, next year will present something that will definitely make me want to return!

Wonderland just announced this morning a new ride for spring 2019: the Yukon Striker. As a love for rollercoasters and the adrenaline they give, I was immediately blown away and set on going on it once it’s open.

To summarize, its apparently higher than Behemoth and Leviathan: two coasters I make a ritual to ride more than once every time I visit. The first drop is a whopping 90 degrees from 245 down into an underground tunnel. The speed is 130km/hour and there are four inversions along with 360-degree loop. All I can say is: Wow! Okay I HAVE to ride this!

If you’re afraid of heights then this is definitely not for you, but don’t worry, even from the ground you’ll hear me screaming from up top. If you’re on the coaster with me, well you better wear earplugs!

So my thoughts in short, it seems that Wonderland knows their most popular rides are the big coasters with the big hills and high speed so following the success of Behemoth, then came Leviathan, and now there’s even more improvement that they’re adding something even higher and with inversions too.

I have no idea if any of my friends would be interested in this, but here’s hoping some of them are, it would be no fun to enjoy this alone. For now, I await pictures of the construction progress which will most likely be starting this fall.

Bring it on!


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