Watching Through Water

It’s time for another strange dream.

This dream actually reminds me of my cousin’s upcoming wedding, I remember walking through a snowy village and there was someone watching me. I didn’t see his face but he had long hair and I could of sworn there were spikes on his shoulder.

Three guesses who?

I kept telling my parents that someone was watching me as we headed through the village to get inside a van to head to the wedding, but they brushed it off. I started to pull out my lunch, but my mom told me not to because we had to swim underwater to get to our destination.

I was irritated and clutched my caesar salad in a cloth knowing it would get soggy. I didn’t understand why we had to swim there, especially if we were going to be getting dressed soon for the wedding. I dove underwater and followed my parents and brother up the path, but then I grew hungry and started munching on my salad. I ate the pieces of bacon first out of fear that the smell of them would attract predators, but instead my lunch attracted a bunch of water bugs until we swam up an artificial tunnel that led to an air pocket.

I once again saw the same shadow watching me and tried to warn my brother but he once again told me to keep moving. Eventually, we came to a door that led to a luxurious suite with all my relatives waiting for us. I scrambled to find a place to sleep and there were so many beds, but most of them were already taken.

As I lay down, I kept thinking of that shadowy figure before waking up this morning. I guess this dream is a friendly reminder that I need to go dress shopping for this wedding soon. All I know is I want the style of my dress to be fit and flare. Those are my favourite kinds of dresses!

Alright, I’m off to Fan Expo and note to self, prepare those two dream drafts of a certain Primarch too.


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