Wildest Love for New Away Glory – Music of August 2018

Did you know that it’s becoming harder and harder for me to choose songs every month since I finished college? Yeah, you know why it’s becoming more difficult? Because when I was in college, I would be listening to my music on almost a daily basis during my commute and I would easily pick anything that I was enjoying the most at the time, and sometimes there would be a few things from the radio too.

Now, that I’m in the rut phase as I hunt for a job and I’m not always going out: I’m not always listening to my music. But, once I do get a job, these posts should pick up again making it easier me to select songs per month. (I actually have an interview next Tuesday so wish me luck!)

So what did I pick this month? Well…..

5. Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

Starting off with this, the song I remember most fondly from August, especially when one night at the cottage, we sat down as a family to watch Out of Africa. The first thing I thought of while watching it, was this song’s music video as Taylor was inspired by the movie to make her video after it. I love the story the song tells and the scenario where she has an affair with her co-star offscreen, and even though they break it off, you can clearly tell she still has feelings for him when she sees him with his wife and looks upset.

As for Out of Africa, there were times the movie felt like it dragged on, but I really loved it: it was a well-shot film, with a great soundtrack, and story. I have also written my own version of this song called Forbidden Love, and if you have read my Clone Wars fanfiction it is during the scene when Plo Koon and Emi Takori admit their feelings for one another and share a tender moment on the balcony of Emi’s apartment on the eve of their departure to Dorin. So that scene from my fanfiction definitely come to mind when this song plays.

4. Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me

Go ahead, tell me I’m no longer a true Metalhead, a traitor, and a disgrace to mankind. Bah! I lost my credibility as one the moment started tell the truth about myself that didn’t “fit” into the metal culture (eg. choosing not to mosh, wearing other colours than black, listening to other genres, having other interests, being sober, valuing music quality instead of quantity, and choosing my career over a concert when the two clashed). I would rather be honest about myself than lie to protect an image.

Anyway, I do not like Justin Bieber as a person, but I’m certainly not afraid to admit that as an artist, he does have talent. This is the only song that I like by him and it’s actually pretty. My mom and I were driving up to the cottage earlier this month and we were singing this one in the car. There isn’t anything that it makes me think about, it’s just a beautiful song.

So, to any die-hard Bieber fans, if you send me any death threats because I stated that I disliked Bieber as a person, your comments will be deleted. To any metal elitists who have probably been stalking me for a long time (and perhaps one of you is responsible for that Reddit forum about one of my articles) if you call me names and shit, then your comments will be deleted as well because I will NOT tolerate it here.

3. Anjulie – Brand New Bitch

Another catchy song that I was listening to en route to vacation earlier. I was belting it in the car while my mom was driving and I’m so used to the clean version so I just listen to it the most. I have heard the explicit but only once, and honestly it doesn’t matter to me, if I like it, I will listen to it.

I don’t remember how I got into this song, other than my mom bought it along with a bunch of other songs on iTunes before I set up my own account and I got hooked on it. I used to picture myself singing on a black and red stage wearing COG armor from Gears of War probably to relate to my crush on Marcus Fenix. Speaking of which, John Dimaggio will be at Fan Expo this weekend and he’s cheaper than Jodi Benson who I am saving my cash for, but I’m not waiting in line for him because he only has autograph sessions and I would rather have a photo op with him or any other famous people that I meet. Photos are just a lot more personal to me! Now I want to crank this song up.

2. Nightwish – Away

This is one of the most beautiful Nightwish songs that tends to be forgotten a lot. I still don’t know who to dedicate this song to and I remember listening to the EP and this was the song that loved more than the title track, it was so beautiful it just was a hit to me.

I used to think of myself sitting on the mountains in a black and white dress singing this, but I’m also wondering if this should be the song I dedicate to Adrien Victus, even if there is nothing in the lyrics that could relate to him. I’ve been dreaming about him the past night which I have yet to write about while it’s still fresh in my mind. Since he, Six, and a waltz are featured, that should not be a problem. I also used to think of myself as the Goddess of Thunder during this song, don’t know if that’s still in my brain but this is definitely one of the best of Tarja.

1. Delain – The Glory and the Scum

To top it off, with my favourite Delain song. I began to love them more than ever when this song first came out. I even wrote my own version of the song called Hellfire (You’re Mine) which I dedicate to Frollo.

I think of myself in my Frollo costume singing in the Notre Dame square as flames envelop around me. It will have a place in the fanfiction I am currently writing in Frollo’s POV first-person too, but I will not reveal any spoilers! This song is powerful in a way and that is what made it perfect for him. It’s also perfect for me to put it at number one this month because tomorrow is Fan Expo and the time for me to unleash my inner Frollo once again. I’m looking forward to it, and plus I need a day off from all the work I’ve been doing studying for my registration exams.

And that’s it for August. Like I said, hopefully when my life gets a little busier again, I’ll have an easier time choosing when I listen to my music during my daily commutes. It’s time to get ready for Fan Expo tomorrow and I should tackle some other drafts this weekend too.


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