Waltz Before Six

Little strange dream coming right at you!

So, after finally falling asleep once I came home from Fan Expo, I drifted off to some sort of strange place that I thought was an outdoor area of the Museum of Science and Technology in the capital because of all the massive ocean liners tied to the docks. There were also booths offering merchandise like little boats you could put in your kid’s bath. I wandered around aimlessly and saw a large ship with the number 6 on it and right on the bow was Specimen Six, the Xenomorph you play as in the AVP game.

She hissed at me glaringly like she owned the place. This was before she became matriarch but still had the number branded on her head. But, she didn’t appear to have any desire to attack as people boarded the ship.

I saw a turian at the end of the line and stood behind him, when I asked him why he was the only turian in the line I suddenly recognized him as Adrien Victus when he turned around, and I stood shaking with my cheeks pink, you know me, I’ve always had a crush on him aside from Garrus.

How could I refuse? šŸ˜

I asked him what he was doing there, and he said he was hoping to see the historical sights of my home before more of his people were expected to arrive as ambassadors. I offered to show him around as we boarded the ship and explored the corridors and cabins while talking about politics and military. The conversation eventually became nothing but military due to Adrien’s war lifestyle that ran in the family. But, I continued to show interest and kept hearing Six from above hissing and saw her crawling on the ceiling, but she never did anything, she just watched us the entire time.

The tour guide said there would be dinner and dancing in the ship’s dining room. Adrien asked me if I would like to join him, and at first I was skeptical knowing he had a son, so he likely had a wife. But he shook his head saying he had been raising Tarquin alone after the mother died from childbirth complications. I took his arm and we went for dinner where they served food for humans and other species that couldn’t eat human food. (turians have their own type of food since their digestive systems don’t work the same as us) That was when he started asking me about my life and said even though he was a military man, he was slowly getting over the events of the First Contact War.

Six crawled above watching us as the musicians began to play and then Adrien asked me to dance. I accepted and he led me on the dance floor elegantly as the music played. I wanted to ask him why he suddenly became interested in spending time with a human he just met, but I never got the chance to. When the dancing ended for the night, he took my hand and said we would meet again.

As he departed, I saw Six climb down from the wall hissing at me but acting as tame as possible. What was she hinting at? That’s a question I could never figure out before waking up, but I hope it doesn’t mean she plans to establish a hive on that ship!


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