Fan Expo 2018 – Part of my Galaxy

So, I didn’t stay at Fan Expo as long as I thought this year. I don’t know why other than I felt like it was a lot more crowded this year than it was last year.

This year, I found myself requesting photos with fellow cosplayers more than them requesting one with me. Not that it matters, I still stand out as Frollo! I have a lot of pictures and instead of posting them all at once in a single bunch on Instagram, I spaced them out over the course of the day to give my followers a chance to look at them all. I’m not going to post them all here, so if you want to see all of them, you’ll have to follow me on Instagram (@em.monsterlady). Choosing the ones for this post wasn’t easy, but eventually it came down to the ones that were the highlight of the event.

When we got there, I knew just what I wanted to do first. I had my sights set on meeting Jodi Benson; she was the priority that day. This is the second year in a row where a guest I want to meet who is a Disney Princess ruled out any of the other choices I had, not just because I was on a budget, but also how long that person’s character had been a part of my world. Sure, I considered Jason Momoa but I didn’t want to spend more than a hundred bucks to meet him, a shame but, Jodi was totally worth it! She does the voice of Ariel, who has been my top favourite Disney Princess since I was a little girl.

I didn’t have to wait as long this time to meet her, but when my moment came, I told her how much Ariel meant to me since I was a child: she was always so curious, adventurous, bright, and loved to sing, just like me. She was the Disney Princess I could relate to the most. Jodi was touched by my story when she listened, and I have to say she is so sweet and conversational in person. Before I could ask her anything, like any sort of question that popped into my head, instead she wanted to know more about me and asked what I was doing with my life. So, I told her about my career plans and got a hug from her after the photo was taken. I must have been waiting my entire life to meet her, but I didn’t know it until the very day I found out she would be coming to Fan Expo this year.
After that, we wandered around up and down each aisle of merchandise, and as usual I was overwhelmed as hell, but there were some things I recognized from last year such as a block I recall seeing in Geometry Dash, and then there was the horror section with all those bloody fangs on any sort of character imaginable. I ended up buying two homemade scented bath bombs that were from a witch’s cauldron and a ring with the Jedi Order logo on it. I almost bought a mini-poster of General Grievous signed by Matthew Wood but didn’t because I didn’t know where to display it. (I tell you, if he ever comes to these events one day, I’m going to meet him in a heartbeat no matter how much it costs.) That’s why I think that buying those little posters, autographs, figurines, paper weights, etc. is more for those who are avid collectors and that’s not me. But what keeps attracting me is those weapon stands where you can replica weapons from certain franchises as well as masks like Sauron and even Miraak! You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to have a replica energy sword but don’t know what to do with it.
Next year, I should go collect business cards from the stands that interest me so I know to come back because they might have something different every year!

Onto cosplay! After meeting Jodi I saw a few Shepards and a couple as Jon and Daenerys in their most recent outfits. Just for fun, I approached them, got the Dany cosplayer’s attention and bent the knee. The Jon cosplayer laughed and started going on like “See what did I tell you?” They then told me they had made a bet about that bending the knee thing. Brayden then spotted someone cosplaying as Papa Emeritus II so we weaved through the crowd to get a picture with him.

I told myself that if I ever met the real deal, (well the real deal is a Cardinal now instead of a Pope but it’s still the same guy underneath) then I would curtsy before him, so I got to practice that on this cosplayer and he bowed back. The three of us started talking about Ghost and completely forgot to request photos, so it wasn’t until we ran into him a little later did I get a chance for a photo op. Along the while, I also ran into an awesome Ursula cosplayer and when I approached her, she was like “Oh Frollo my darling, good to see you, there are not enough villains here!” and she’s right, there aren’t! (though I did see a Maleficent later on.) Then I got a picture with her as well.
We crossed over to the other side of the building and whenever I see any Game of Thrones cosplayers, I always seem to get pictures with the ones of characters that I love like Jon, Dany, or the time Brayden got one with Sansa. This time, I decided to get pictures with GOT cosplayers that were doing characters I wasn’t in to, but I would never let that clash with having a good photo op.
Yep, so here we have Cersei and Viserys, and even though I hate those characters in the show, I still praised these two for the excellent work they did on their cosplays. I told them there’s always something positive to like about the characters, like Cersei may have done a lot of ruthless acts, but many of them were out of love and protection for her children. Viserys on the other hand, sure he was a jerk but he was also headstrong and stopped at nothing to get the crowd he thought he deserved.
I did get a few people who once again praise me for being the first Frollo cosplay they ever saw and asked for pictures. There were also a lot of female cosplayers who were wearing big hoops under the dresses to make it look bigger. Like princess Tiana, Peach, Daisy, and Belle.
Also, I have to say that saw a lot of Mass Effect cosplayers yesterday and it just makes me wish I could do one if I had the money or skills. It’s probably the easiest to do Shepard! I have quite a few pictures with those people so I’ll give you my best one. When, I first came in, I saw a female turian cosplay but had to keep moving so I figured I wouldn’t get the opportunity later. Then, I saw a guy dressed up in full Cerberus armor as an assault trooper and had a picture with him. I hate Cerberus, but still, I had to! Then, after getting my picture with Cersei and Viserys, there was a Citadel backdrop where some cosplayers were posing for photos.

One guy got a bunch of cosplayers to gather around a moving camera and asked all of us to dance and get into character so I joined in and did my best to mimic Frollo during the time he sang Hellfire. Then I spotted someone dressed up as Miranda Lawson and asked for a picture with her when she was available. She got her friend to join as well who was Femshep. I then asked them their preferences in the games like Paragon or Renegade. Both of them said Paragon but mentioned notable Renegade options that were worth it. One being kicking the clone off the Normandy in the Citadel DLC. I don’t regret doing that myself in my last playthrough.

When we were having lunch, I spotted that same turian and hurried over to get a picture with her.

At first I thought she wasn’t going to because she didn’t have the mask on, however, she agreed and told me she needed a moment to get set up. I said I was willing to wait because I love turians. At first I thought she was Nyreen Kandros, but she told me she was more of a generic female turian wearing armor inspired by Adrien Victus’ armor as a General before he was Primarch. I mentioned to her that despite always having a place in my heart for Garrus, I also was in love with Adrien. That led her to bring up that she did Primarch Victus once so yeah we were pretty much yapping about our mutual love for turians until we got our photo together. I also spoke to one of her friends who admitted she liked the angara.
I’ve had my fair share of talking to ME fans: some who love Andromeda, are neutral about it, or can politely say they didn’t like it and we can reach mutual understanding. I wish the same thing happened online too.
There were a few more encounters today that I should mention. I saw an Esmeralda today and, surprisingly, another Frollo! We just approached one another in shock and talked about both versions of the character we liked and came to the conclusion that both were great. Then, I wandered into the gaming section of the con, but most of it was just for mainstream video games you could play with others like Fortnite and Overwatch, and I’m not into those heavily focused online multiplayer games. If I want to find video game stuff that I like, like Mass Effect, I have better luck in the other areas! I wanted to wait in line to try the Beat Saber VR game but the line was too long. It’s on Steam but I don’t have a VR to play it and those things are awfully expensive.
And that sums up my day at Fan Expo this year, I would have stayed longer but it eventually got so crowded we could barely get anywhere so I hopped on the train and headed home for dinner and a night with Mad Max! See you next year, I’ll either be Frollo again, just myself in nerdy clothes, or who knows maybe I’ll try something different in cosplay!

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