These Things I’d Never Do

Until now……

Last night I was getting ready to go to Kerrfest; a small free outdoor music festival that happens in my neighborhood every, I logged onto Steam to discover that my favourite casual game Slime Rancher is expanding.

The game has been a massive success after its debut on Steam and is now available to buy digitally….and soon physically as well, on Xbox One and PS4. I have gone through phases of playing so many simulation games but it seems that this game and Animal Crossing are the ones I keep coming back to because of their cuteness and no microtransactions.

Also, the devs announced on Steam that a collector’s edition is coming towards the end of the year. You know, when you can get the game with a bunch of extra goodies? I normally don’t spend my money on those things because the game is the only thing I care about, but, if I really love the game then why not?

So, right after Kerrfest, I navigated to the Fangamer site and ordered it. Yeah me, normally the non-materialistic person that I can be caves into buy extra stuff for a video game. But, sometimes I do cave in and buy! The edition comes with everything you see there, however, adding the game to your purchase is optional. Another optional add that I did decide to get with it is the guidebook, even though most of the stuff I learned in the game, I looked up on the game’s wiki or figured it out myself, sometimes having a little book is better because I enjoy reading books more than I do reading wikis when it comes to video games!
I don’t know what I’m going to use the little newbuck coin for, maybe a paperweight. While the Lucky Slime bank is adorable as hell, my concern is, does it have a rubber stopper at the bottom to retrieve any extra change I’ve stored in it? Because I hate the idea of having to destroy an adorable bank to get the money out, talk about a waste. Why do that when you can just reuse it? Then again, this concern is likely irrational because those banks that you had no choice but to slash apart are pretty much a thing of the past now.
Beatrix’s bandanna, I’ve never worn one before but I suppose it never hurts to try. They were against my high school’s dress code for some stupid reason, what was it again? Oh yeah, it might be gang-related. What a bunch of vashedan, a person could be wearing a bandanna that has nothing but a positive pattern on it like daisies, and they are not in any gang and have no interest in joining one. We need to bust this stereotype about bandannas.
Anyway, I also don’t know what I’ll do with the stickers but I’ll find something. The collection won’t arrive until late December they said, so it might be my Christmas present this year. You know me, I always treat myself to my own Christmas gift every year, so looks like this is it. The guide book might arrive before it, so we shall see.
I’m off to go dress shopping now, fit and flare is what I’m aiming for.

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