I am Free In The Sky

Last night sounded like just the right time to have this dream. I think it’s because when I’m about to reach a milestone in my life, or things are about to turn around for the better: these dreams occur.

I’ve been in limbo for the past few months trying to get my training started and on Monday I’m meeting with one of my professional mentors who might just be able to get me started. Fingers crossed.

Last night’s dream, I remember being at this cottage with my family and our neighbors were friendly and welcoming. On our first full day there, I witnessed our neighbors flying one of those sea planes over the lake and begged my dad to let them give me a ride. He sounded unsure that they would allow it, but I insisted I hated being stuck on the ground and felt free in the sky.

Then the dream shifted to me flying with wings through this large city with several obstacles which included: building a with only one way out (one had a bouncy castle!), narrow alleys, and even a venomous cobra that I roasted by breathing fire before it could bite me and conquered them all and was able to fly freely high out in the open.

I was flying fast and sometimes spinning like a tornado too, all while singing Brand New B**ch by Anjulie. I think it’s to signify that I am now comfortable being myself completely online and offline; no longer sticking to a specific image such as heavy metal which I will write in another article.

It’s time for breakfast now and my mom’s making bacon again!


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