One Last KISS – End of the Road

We all knew this was going to happen someday and now it finally is.

Nothing in life lasts forever and I’ve been late to the party having been only a fan since 2013 but everyone has to start somewhere.

 It hit me just before I went to bed: KISS have announced an upcoming world tour and this one is definitely going to be their last.

How does this make me feel? KISS was and still is a band very special to me, I have my beloved Destroyer poster behind me as I write. Back when I saw them the second time with Def Leppard four years ago, I had a feeling that their time was coming to an end. Many bands that reach their late 60’s tend to call it quits by then and it’s a sad day. I told myself as the years went by between then and now that I hoped to see KISS at least one more time, and now I might be able to.

There are no tour dates posted yet but my fingers are crossed for one closest to me. I’ll become the Goddess of Thunder one last time and it’s heartbreaking. What am I going to do with my costume afterwards? Well, there’s always Halloween I guess.

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you probably know all the issues I have with the online community, how toxic it still is to this day. But offline at both of the times I’ve seen them live, everyone is welcoming like we’re all one big happy family.

It’s sad to see fans twice my age bitch and whine online about Ace and Peter not in the band with Eric and Tommy wearing makeup that used to belong to them, Paul’s voice, Gene’s attitude, blah blah blah……don’t you have anything better to do? You’re not going to accomplish anything out of it. It’s okay to dislike the usage of the makeup, but it’s not okay to bash it continuously and harass other fans online who don’t mind it, especially younger fans and I’ve received my fair share of harassment for choosing to tolerate and enjoy regardless. The amount of it has driven me away from the online community.

I would encourage anyone in the fandom that no matter what grudges you have of what KISS has become, this is your last chance to see them. I wouldn’t waste the opportunity no matter how indifferent you feel today due to the changes you didn’t like. It’s been decades since these things happened and it’s time to let it go. See it as a time to relive memories because once KISS is gone for good, you’re going to wish they came back.

Anyway yeah, I’ll keep watching the tour dates and hopefully there’ll be something doable. I don’t care if the only seats I can afford are all the way at the back, I just want to see KISS one last time. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts which is something I think all of you fans should do.


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