What is Your Name, Chillin In The Corner

Well well well, look what time it is, it’s time for another Sabaton dream! I wish I could have these at least every week because they really lift my spirits when times are tough.

I seem to be quite well-known now for writing anything related to them, such as random dreams but hey you know it’s one of my favourite subjects and it’s a plus that these types of articles get a lot of reads.

I’ve been having a lot of Sabaton dreams in the past few years and the last few were coincidentally close to a particular event related to the band. My last Sabaton dream was just a month before I was going to see them again in March and the one before that was just a few days before Joakim’s birthday and since he happened to be a musician that I have a thing for, yeah you can see where that plays.

This accurately describes the first dream!

But I don’t think it’s just due to the fact that something is coming up related to the band. Studies have shown that dreaming about famous people you like shows that you are seeking success in life, it could also mean you are seeking change from your current life situation. As of right now, that is what I do seek given the way things are right now.

It’s no surprise that my brain is using Sabaton in my nocturnal movies as a sign that this is what I’m desiring. I mean, think about it, they’re a band I love deeply and one of the only bands I love deeply that don’t have a strong visual image that makes them look inhuman. Call it a part of human nature. That would also explain the other reason (other than my little crush on Jocke) why I had a dream where I kissed him back in the middle of July 2016, that was another period of my life where I was bored and was seeking change since not much was going on around that time other than the fact that I was working two different volunteer jobs that summer.

Nevertheless, I enjoy dreaming about them because those dreams always make me laugh and remember them well! So, enough with the blues let’s get on to the dream.

The dream is divided into two little segments as I actually woke up between them.

The first one took place in this large gym where the band was to be performing. A large group of fans had arrived but the amount of them barely took up space in the gym and we all started chanting for the band to come up on the stage. I on the other hand, was not with the crowd, instead, I was standing on the side of the stage and there was a huge gap between me and the other fans. I was chanting as well and cried out to each band member as they came onto the stage. The moment Sabaton started playing. The whole group of fans proceeded to start a circle pit and take turns crowd surfing. I was just watching the band while jumping, screaming, and singing. I think the concept of that part of the dream is to show that every heavy metal fan has a different way of showing their love for a band. By me doing something different from everyone else, it shows that you can be a fan of something in your own way and you don’t need to follow the norms of the fandom to be a fan.

Eventually between songs, Jocke stopped to notice me and held up the mic saying he noticed how enthusiastic I was and asked me for my name. When I gave it to him, I waited anxiously inside to find out what my name would sound like with his cute Swedish accent, but unfortunately, that’s when I woke up.

A little love to Hannes this time.

Once I fell asleep again, the dream cut to me hanging with the band in the lobby of a hotel room. It was meant to take place after the gig from the previous dream and I had come downstairs to see them waiting for their tour bus to come back and I told them I was at the show the other night. Jocke said he remembered me and I sat next to Hannes on the couch. I asked him how he and Floor were doing with their daughter and told him about some friends I had who enjoyed drumming. He said I should continue playing the piano; something my dad has always been on my case about!

And then I woke up just in time for my alarm to go off for another day at home studying. I want to think of this situation as only temporary, but it’s hard to do so as it feels like forever. So it’s also nice when a dream or two about one of my favourite bands can really help make me smile and know that I shouldn’t give up. If Harrison Ford eventually achieved his dreams through patience and persistence then so will I right?


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