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117 Battles Of Poisous Autumn Twilight – Music Of September 2018

Finally, a title that makes sense! Isn’t it wonderful? I was totally worn out yesterday due to being up late on Saturday at my cousin’s wedding reception so here I am now writing this a day late.

This month feels totally random as I picked what I heard most rather than anything related to what was going on in my life. The songs of this month are also listed in random order and what is number one doesn’t really necessarily reflect what I was listening to the most this time.

I was hoping that September would be the month where things would turn around and at the very last minute, they did. Now I’m glad I’ll be busy again because, to be honest, I’ve been sitting at home too much the past three months!

5. Neil Davidge – 117

Starting with this epic track from Halo 4’s OST. I don’t believe I’ve done any Halo music yet and it’s been forever since I’ve written about the franchise due to my withdrawal from it. That’s only because, as you know, I was very disappointed with Halo 5 and the general direction the franchise has gone, (the devs are only interested in catering towards multiplayer Spartan lovers. Lore/alien fans like me are completely ignored) hence Halo 4 was the last good game in the franchise to me. I actually really enjoyed Halo 4 and you can read my review about it here, it’s a little more brief than my recent ones but one of the best things about the game was Chief and Cortana’s relationship, especially now that I’ve seen Chief with more personality. I am proud to say that I beat this game on Heroic solo and got halfway through it on Legendary with a lot of frustrating moments, especially a part of the third level and the final part of the second. I never finished it. But, let’s face it, I’ve never been a Halo gamer who feels like they have to do it on Legendary, it’s just an achievement that I can live without.

This track plays during the first part of the final level where you pilot the Broadsword fighter along the outer hull of Mantle’s Approach: the Didact’s warship. Despite that part of the level making me rage every time I crashed into a pillar, I persisted because I would hear this music in the background and it was so powerful to me. My favourite parts come at the 2:26 mark, and 5:28 and it gives me goosebumps every time. I begin to think about the part of my Didact fanfiction where I go after the Didact when he leaves me behind and that’s where I do exactly what Chief did to gain entry into the ship, only in my version, the Infinity frigate isn’t there cause I hate Infinity, no need to send any regards!

4. GWAR – Battle Maximus

Have I seriously not done a GWAR song yet? Alright then, I shall start with this epic instrumental. This is one of the best tracks on the album, the riffs and solos kick ass, like the whole thing is incredible from start to finish. You can tell the hard work the band put into recording it.

It also serves as a powerful intro of Pustulus into the band after Flattus was retired due to Cory Smoot’s death. There’s not much I can say in regards to this song in detail but it is amazing like I said. Plus there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying the music of both Lordi and GWAR, yes they are both monster bands but Lordi did NOT rip them off, and it angers me that die-hard GWAR fans or other fans (especially in America) still accuse them that they did. Educate yourselves elitists, research and get Mr. Lordi’s side of the story before you make accusations! I hope GWAR’s next album with Blothar will have an epic instrumental in it as well but I highly doubt it’ll top this one.

3. Megadeth – Poisonous Shadows

Something my iPod decided to play a lot in September. This song has grown on me over the past few weeks and most of the song on the Dystopia album were not the greatest to me at first, except for the title track. This one definitely has a unique tune with dark lyrics. I try to think more about military than politics when I hear any Megadeth song and this one makes me think of a pandemic outbreak which nobody wants!

I think this song would be my second favourite on the album after giving it several listens, but I’m still attacked to Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction, and Youthanasia even more.

2. Antonio Vivaldi – Autumn

Autumn has arrived, so why not celebrate it with Vivaldi’s music dedicated to it. Unlike the summer music, this one sounds a lot more like a mixture of happiness at the beginning; like you are playing in a pile of colourful leaves under a tree as the wind blows and more of them fall to the ground. Autumn was always a season for me as a kid where I would look forward to that. The fast parts with all the violins makes me think of those memories. What I like about this season is all the warm colours of red, brown, orange, and yellow, as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving (which is earlier this year here in Canada!) though I don’t love it as much as spring and summer, it’s still a beautiful season.

When the music slows down, think of those autumn nights when the moon shines over the colourful trees, especially the part at 4:47 which is very calm and peaceful. It could also be around dusk or dawn when there is no wind and the fallen leaves float on the lake. I still remember that part played when we were listening to it in music class: it played during an audio story and this part was when the girl arrived at the cemetery island to retrieve a stolen violin that belonged to a Duke.

1. Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God

What a shock, I never pick songs like these to go in articles like these. I’m trying to remember how I stumbled upon this one. Was it a link sent to me or all those memes about it on those metal pages I used to follow? Either way, this is the first Amon Amarth song I heard and I guess it’s common for newcomers like me to start here. I am living for the opening riff of the song.

They describe it as melodic death metal with a Viking theme, I think. Maybe that’s why they make so many beard memes for this band. Anyway, the vocals are not something that I am used to, but Johan certainly does it well. Despite doing growling vocals, he is apparently a very nice guy when I saw Piper from Kids Interview Bands interview him. No matter how brutal looking, metal dudes can be as sweet as teddy bears! It’s easy to think of something when listening to this song and it’s Thor fighting Ragnarok; yes, I have seen that movie and it was alright. The whole album is completely Norse-themed!

Last year my dad was driving me to school and we stopped at the gas station a few blocks away. As I waited for him to refill the tank, some guy pulled in with his rap music blasting; the kind of rap that I hate. I had to listen to it for 5 minutes until my dad was done. When he dropped me off, I used this song to disinfect my ears!

And that’s a wrap for another monthly music post, now that my life is starting to get busy again, I’ll be commuting again on a regular basis that gives me an easier time to choose; however, I think I’ve already chosen the first one for October that has also being a played a lot. Here’s a hint: it’s about a battle in a forest.


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